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A check of $2000 will be delivered to you via USPS ( 9405501699320119789356). On receiving the Check, You are instructed to Cash/Deposit the payment at your Bank you may also deposit via Mobile. Do note that we deal with banks ONLY. Reason is that we make monthly reports of our transactions and financial activities to the government through the bank, therefore all records are required and the fund can be released to you same day or within 24hrs as the issuer bank instructed. Once the funds are available, you are to deduct your first weekly compensation which is $500 for flying the Logo, Payment for subsequent weeks will be mailed out to you every week.

The decal company has graphic artists nationwide, A graphic artist within your locality will be delegated to visit your residence to get the installation done. The balance of $1450 should be transferred to the decal company for installation processing. Once the receipt confirmation of funds is made, the wrap installer will visit you with necessary materials to get the job started.

The balance of $1450 should be transferred via walmart to Wal-Mart money transfer. Below is the information of the decal company's agent. It is imperative the transfer be done as soon as the funds is made available.

Name: Ashley Alex
ZIP CODE: 77038

On completion of the transfer, do email the information below:

Name and address of Sender
Total Amount sent
Transfer Charges
Walmart Reference Number

Once you complete the transfer, email the details as requested above, and state when it will be convenient for you to have the decal specialist come to your house to wrap the car. This should not take long, so you might choose to watch them do it. We anticipate your response.

Commission payment:
You will also receive commission at the end of each month based on increase in sales in your area.

Also Check Your Email Every Day and text message To Get Updated.

We'll appreciate your team building exercises and excursions, a career plan within these organization.

Best Regards,
Jessica Tavares.
On 5/29/2017 at 10:24 AM, "CRICKET WIRELESS" < [email protected]>

We received your registration from our online platform and we are happy to inform you that you have been selected for the position. Kindly note the following details.

A detailer who will install the decals on your vehicle has been allocated and your payment will be scheduled, also be informed that the decal won't cover all the part of the car but a specific part that will help gain more exposure.You will therefore receive your payment alongside the money that will be paid to the national car detailer. When you get the payment, you will take out your first week pay of $500 and give the rest to the detailer, this is to afford mutual relationship between you and the detailer. A paycheck of ($2000.00) will be mailed to you, out of which you will take out your first week's pay of ($500) and send the rest to the detailer being payment for the installation and removal of the decals after the program. We need you to confirm the following so that the account department can issue out your payment; How long do you intend to carry the
advertisement on your car? One(1) month, two(2) months or three(3) months or 4 months ?
Do you use your car everyday?
Also reconfirm your name and address as it should be on the check and your complete mailing address for your payments.
We look forward to a great exposure of our products from you.


Jessica Tavares
Hiring Manager