Red Riding Hood would just like to say that this was a gross Misunderstanding!!!
This is simply a difference of perspectives between LRRH and Frank....quite simply, she had a totally different perspective on all the events than Frank did, she thought this was really a comedy and didn`t realise that it can`t be taken off the internet...only for a huge sum of money, which is really a scam in itself!!
She is still in contact with Frank, and really likes him a lot !!!
Frank is really a very nice person, he is charming in all respects, very thoughtful (sometimes) and very accommodating!!
He has many accomplishments to his name, including walking across the Simpson Desert unaided in 14 days, walking for hours every day!!!
Building a solar powered boat from melted down aluminium cans and sailing it to New Guinea, only it wasn`t really sailing, because it had a solar powered engine!!
Riding a motorcycle around Australia in a record time!!!
Riding a motorcycle with a sidecar across Australia from Cape Byron to the Western most point in WA!!
He had also various accomplishments in America, before he came to Australia, which included riding a motorcycle up into Alaska, into Baja California.....he also flew planes and crashed one in Nicaragua!!!...but survived!!!
Also flew a plane through the Grand Canyon to the Gulf of Mexico!!
Really Red Riding Hood is sorry and really wishes to apologise!!!
Really, he`s not the big bad wolf!!!
This is a retraction of the former post, as it was quite unnecessary!!!