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    Frank wheeler...little red riding hood writes retraction!!!!!!!!!!

    This was simply a misunderstanding, two different viewpoints, and information from a third party, caused me to form an opinion that may not have been completely correct!!
    I do not wish to cause any harm or discomfort for anyone, especially Frank it was just a joke at the time and I didn't`t realise it couldn't`t be taken off EVER!!!
    Frank is a really nice person...charming, and in all respects very thoughtful and accommodating (sometimes)
    Red Riding Hood just had a different perspective on the events than he did.
    He has many accomplishments to his name including, walking across the Simpson Desert in 14 days unaided.
    Building a solar powered boat from melted down aluminium cans and sailing it to New Guinea.
    Riding a motorcycle around Australia in a record time.
    Riding a motorcycle with a sidecar across Australia.
    Red Riding Hood is sorry, he`s really not `the big bad wolf!!!

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    Re: Frank wheeler...little red riding hood writes retraction!!!!!!!!!!

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