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Thread: IFFL again

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    Re: IFFL again

    http://www.bigsinkingfield.com/ have a look and judge for yourself.

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    Re: IFFL again

    Ya, check it out now Chris Thompson AKA Kaiserboy here happens to own the site and is the head of Parklane International and is the real scammer here. He was never a member of IFFL but he sure scammed a lot of people through Parklane International. A whois search of the bigsinkingfield.com site shows the same address as Parklane International and Chis Thompson as the contact. Isn't that interesting! Parklane has an order against itself too.
    Looks like he's been shut down now though. SGD is now cleared, their order has been recinded.http://vcresearch.info/open/forums....=970&ForumId=65
    Not so with Parklane.

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    Re: IFFL again

    Hello retirerich, I have never tried to hide my identity. I am glad you know how to do a whois search. Maybe now you can go back and do some research and state publicly just exactly who Parklane International is supposed to have scammed. Then if you are bold enough to identify yourself you may find yourself the subject of legal proceedings. If you did any REAL research at all (besides just doing an Internet search on the words "Parklane International" you would know that the only thing Parklane ever did was help raise funds for Syndicated Gold Depository, which was introduced to Parklane by Capital Alternatives.
    It was while raising funds for Syndicated Gold Depository that both Parklane and Syndicated Gold Depository received Cease and Decist orders in both Pennsylvania and Arizona. In the future if you have a question you can just ask. It will save you hours of research and the information will be correct and in context.
    Please note that at this time we have entered into settlement discussions with IFFL, Merendon, and Syndicated Gold Depository. Accordingly we have taken our websites down and in order not to jeopardize the process I am not willing to comment on the specifics.
    Regards Chris Thompson

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    Re: IFFL again

    Targa2 nice straw man arguement,,, pathetic.

    So,, let's hear again about how this amazing business that is rock solid but yet needs to pay 40% consistently for the money it borrows,

    And while you're at it, explain again why paying inducements to recruit people to dilute a business advantage is a good thing. :rolleyes:

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    Re: IFFL again

    My 85 year old parents invested $50k in the IFFL recently. I (their son) was horrified to learn this, and undertook to learn everything I could about it. I had a conference call with my father and his “structurist”, which went the full 15 rounds, after which he called and offered my father his money back. Haven’t received it yet but we are hopeful.

    Here is what I gathered from our discussion. If my suspicions are correct, this may go down as one of the biggest investment scams in Canadian history. Maybe this is a Ponzi and maybe it isn’t. But the red flags are certainly there in spades. Investors would do well to consider carefully.

    The Institute for Financial Learning has raised approximately $300 MILLION, much of it from pensioners like my father, and from generally hopeful but financially illiterate people. They recommend their members borrow whatever they can and invest it all in their strategies.

    The IFFL purports to be a neutral institute dispensing generic investment advice. This is absolutely false. They HAVE to claim this because they are not registered as investment advisors, and are under court order in several provinces and states not to sell, promote, or trade in securities of any kind.

    When someone becomes a member they are given a book showing 4 investment opportunities. Members assume these investments are ARMS-LENGTH independent companies that have been somehow checked out or pre-approved by the IFFL. THIS IS FALSE. What members are not told is that these companies are in fact owned or controlled by Milo Brost, the head of the IFFL. Miraculously, every one of the “generic” investment strategies he recommends leads directly to an investment in HIS OWN COMPANIES!

    What members ARE told is that these companies pay a particularly high rate of return. There’s a bunch of razzle-dazzle international intrigue and sizzle thrown in, but that is all they really ever learn about the company they invest in. The IFFL, in its capacity as investment trainers, fails to provide financial statements for these companies, and never suggests to their members that it might be important to even consider financial statements. The company’s financial profitability (or lack thereof), its debt load, its lack of independence from the IFFL, the company’s ownership, and other relevant factors are never considered. There is no discussion of this information itself, or why it might be important to have an independent third party review, verify or audit this information to prove its reliability.

    Now I ask you – if you were going to lend money to a company or a person, would you not want proof they had the CASHFLOW to repay the interest and principal, and the COLLATERAL (a strong balance sheet, plenty of cash and other assets that could be quickly turned into cash, not too much debt)? The IFFL responds thusly – They look surprised and explain that NO ONE has ever asked for that information before, but if you really want to know all that “stuff”, you will need to ask the company directly. Maybe the company will give it to you, and maybe they won’t. The IFFL simply dispenses generic strategy, you see, and so has no responsibility to provide any evidence for their claims. The IFFL hides behind a thin veil that it is the members making the specific investment decisions, and the IFFL does not recommend anything but generic strategy.

    So in the absence of reliable, verifiable, independent third party information about the company, what do the members really rely upon? The IFFL’s response is simple: “It works; so don’t question it. Talk to our many happy investors who have been receiving either statements or monthly cash for years now.” In short, put your brains on the shelf, don’t ask for evidence, and wait for your check. I submit to you that this is a recipe for disaster.

    Summary of recipe:
    Members go to school to learn investment strategies.
    Professor teaches a strategy, and includes in his textbook four companies that meets their goals.
    Professor does not tell them that the companies are owned by the Professor’s wife, daughter, sister and first cousin.
    Professor shows students some previous students who are doing well with this plan.
    Student invests in professor’s wife’s company.
    Student asks professor for further financial information about the company, including cash flow, debt, profitability, risk.
    Professor looks surprised; tells student to take this up with the company’s owners, he is just a professor teaching general investment strategies and didn’t have anything to do with selecting the company.

    I haven't covered the character of the individuals at the IFFL. Suffice it to say they are questionable, standing accused (but not yet convicted) by the Alberta Securities Commission of mismanagement, lying under oath, and potential fraud. Don't take my word for this, go straight to the ASC website. Let's not rush to judgement here, but simply ask: Would you buy a used car from these people?

    As I said, perhaps this is a Ponzi and perhaps not. But the red flags are certainly there in spades. Are you prepared to ignore them all and risk your financial future?

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    Website about the IFFL's tactics

    I found a terrific website debunking the IFFL and its scam tactics:

    There is ample documentation there of a fraud. And anyone who would do business with the people behind the scheme must be mad as hatters.

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    IFFL again


    The Alberta Securities commission (ASC) has made a decision calling IFFL committed FRAUD to the tune of $36 Million on its investors. It is a damaging report and can be seen at www.albertasecurities.com. The head people gave falisfied statements and outright misrepresentations to the ASC. You can download the 78 page report from their website.

    Anyone that believes that this company is for real and has invested money will not see any/all of it, according the ASC.

    IFFL Watcher.

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    IFFL again - Alberta securities finds FRAUD for $36Million


    The Alberta Securities commission (ASC) has made a decision calling IFFL committed FRAUD to the tune of $36 Million on its investors. It is a damaging report and can be seen at www.albertasecurities.com. do a search there for IFFL and Milowe Brost. The head people gave falisfied statements and outright misrepresentations to the ASC. You can download the 78 page report from their website.

    Anyone that believes that this company is for real and has invested money will not see any/all of it, according the ASC.

    IFFL Watcher.

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    Re: IFFL again

    IFFL : "The Gene Pool Could Use A Little Chlorine."

    The clock is ticking and it's getting LOUDER folks!
    Are you listening investors? Have you pulled you money out of this thing yet?

    If you need more information after researching all the facts garnered on this site, then frankly speaking, those prophetic words of wisdom " A fool will soon be departed from his money" will soon be your personal testimony.I don't think you will find too much sympathy amongst this crowd given all the information posting attention to this Fraud.

    Ham & Eggs: A day's work for a chicken,a lifetime commitment for a pig.

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    Re: IFFL again

    The Alberta Securities Commission seems to be tiring of the promoter behinf IFFL. Chech out their latset decision on the following link.


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    Re: IFFL again

    Thanks Extreminator,
    This marks just the beginning. Things are gonna get real ugly from this point forth.The money and Fruad charges hurt but......
    The Final Stage is set for Criminal charges to be laid and this is where it gets VERY interesting.
    So many people who are envolved in this thing are about to vacate the plan. This is one time when the "players" will not be able to hide behind each other. Ever single person who has been involved in this disaster is going to be held accountable in one form or another.
    Special thanks must go out to the various Federal and Provincial law enforcement agencies, who have not rushed this thing to a sloppy conclusion. Armed with all the latest ASC info and their own investigation work I suspect that the hammer is coming down HARD.
    They have your name. They have your number. You can run but you can not hide.

    Final Word: Heed the words of Winnipeg Worrier and co-operate fully with the law before it is too late for you. Prison might supply you with three meals a day...but it's still prison.Hey ....who knows. maybe if you hurry they just might actually give you some of your money back.After all, they sure don't need any more bad publicity at the moment.

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    Re: IFFL again

    I don't know about this one, but I know of an opportunity that has been around for over 17 years and provides excellent income, training and support. For more information, visit www.PowerToProduceWealth.biz and www.SixFigureIncomeSchool.com. Learn how to change YOUR financial future at these website links! I did and it changed my life!

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    Re: IFFL again

    Hot Off the Press! Shocking New Revelations!

    Check out the latest information posting on Webmechanic.

    Looks like the Mounties always do get their man!
    (I love the RCMP)


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    IFFL Makes the NEWS Feb 2008 Milo Brost Meredon


    At least seven current and former NFL players have been tangled up in a complicated tax scam. Agency declined to release names or even say whether the players participated knowingly.

    The players were among dozens of people who sought to amend old tax returns and receive big refunds. Which the would then invest in a SHAM gold mining company Meredon Mining Co of Colorado, which would then give money back to the investors.

    Meredon mining is controlled by Milo Brost, who the Alberta securities commission has issued a life time ban because of his long history of fraudulent trading practises.

    Tax preparers promised their customers $34 Million USD in this fraudulent tax return scheme.

    I personally saw a IFFL Strategist loading up his truck with about 10 'bankers' boxes of files this past week from the office in Calgary. The pyradmid is about to Fold and the circus will leave town, leaving its investors with Nothing!


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