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    Scam email from-Cliff Richards-TRUSTED ASSISTANCE NEEDED!!!!!

    I received this in my junk email folder. I'm sure it's just another scam.

    From : cliff richards
    Sent : Friday, November 18, 2005 6:18 PM

    MIME-Version: 1.0
    X-Originating-IP: []
    X-Originating-Email: [[email protected]]
    X-Sender: [email protected]
    Received: from omc3-s3.bay6.hotmail.com ([]) by mc5-f31.hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.211); Fri, 18 Nov 2005 15:18:53 -0800
    Received: from hotmail.com ([]) by omc3-s3.bay6.hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.211); Fri, 18 Nov 2005 15:18:29 -0800
    Received: from mail pickup service by hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC; Fri, 18 Nov 2005 15:18:29 -0800
    Received: from by by5fd.bay5.hotmail.msn.com with HTTP; Fri, 18 Nov 2005 23:18:29 GMT
    X-Message-Info: CGfHVPHfZ45zzzUMN4voyuzhGZXLuRaE3a5R1PY3WKU=
    X-OriginalArrivalTime: 18 Nov 2005 23:18:29.0583 (UTC) FILETIME=[62BE85F0:01C5EC96]
    Return-Path: [email protected]


    Content-Type: text/html; format=flowed

    Dear friend,

    Greetings to you in the name of our heavenly God. Thismail might come
    to you as a surprise and the temptation to ignore it asunserious could
    come into your mind; but please, consider it adivine wishand ccept it
    with a deep sense of humility.

    My name is Cliff Richards . I'm a 65 years old man. I amBritish living
    in Dubai (UnitedArab Emirate). I was a merchant and ownedtwo businesses
    in Dubai.

    I was also married with two children. My wife and two children died in
    a car accident six years ago. Before this happened my business and
    concern for makingmoney was all I lived for.

    I never really cared about other values inlife. But since the loss of
    my family, I have found a new desire to assist helplessfamilies.

    I have been helping orphans in orphanage/ motherless homes. Ihave
    donated some money to orphans inSudan,SouthAfrica,Cameroon, Brazil,Spain,
    Austria,Germany and some Asian countries.

    Before I became ill, I kept $15 Million in along-termdeposit account in
    a finance company . Presently, I'm in a hospital whereI have been
    undergoing treatment for oesophageal cancer.

    I have sincelost my ability to talk and my Doctors have told me that I
    have only a few monthsto live. It is my last wish to see this money
    distributed to charity organizations.Because relatives and friends have
    plunderedso much of my wealth since my illness, I cannot live with the
    agony of entrustingthis huge responsibility to any of them.

    Please, I beg you in thename of God to help me collect the deposit and
    the interest accrued from the company anddistributes it amongst charity

    Use your judgement to distribute the money and feel freeto reimburse
    yourself when you have the money for any cost you incureduring the
    process of collecting and distributing the money to charityorganizations.

    I'm willing to offer you a reward If you are willing to help;
    please reply as soon as you can. May the good Lord bless you and your family.

    Pls contact me with this Email : [email protected]

    Cliff Richards.

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    Re: Scam email from-Cliff Richards-TRUSTED ASSISTANCE NEEDED!!!!!

    Ya think?...These are a dime a dozen. www.snopes.com

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    Re: Scam email from-Cliff Richards-TRUSTED ASSISTANCE NEEDED!!!!!

    FYI - X-Originating-IP: [] Whenever you received such an email, run a whois of the Oiginating IP and google it. Here are the results

    WhoIs Lookup performed by Karen's WhoIs

    Information related to ' -'

    inetnum: -
    netname: GILAT-SATCOM-BLOCK-7
    descr: Gilat-Satcom
    remarks: For abuse issues related to Gilat, email [email protected]
    country: GB
    admin-c: GS3350-RIPE
    tech-c: GS3350-RIPE
    status: ASSIGNED PA
    mnt-by: AS9116-MNT
    mnt-lower: AS9116-MNT
    source: RIPE # Filtered

    role: Gilat Support
    address: Gilat Satcom
    address: 21D Yagia Kapaim st. Petach-Tikva, Israel
    phone: +972 3 9255000
    fax-no: +972 3 9217938
    admin-c: DR5299-RIPE
    admin-c: GE2074-RIPE
    tech-c: DR5299-RIPE
    tech-c: GE2074-RIPE
    remarks: trouble: [email protected]
    nic-hdl: GS3350-RIPE
    mnt-by: AS9116-MNT
    source: RIPE # Filtered
    abuse-mailbox: [email protected]

    % Information related to ''

    descr: Goldenlines
    remarks: For addressing issues, email [email protected]
    remarks: For abuse issues, email [email protected]
    origin: AS9116
    mnt-by: AS9116-MNT
    source: RIPE # Filtered

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