Little Red Riding Hood writes a retraction!!!
Frank is not dishonest this was a total misunderstanding, based on other peoples information, and differing perspectives, based on opinions and misinformation.which may not have been true, Red Riding Hood really thought it was a bit of comedy (because he really does have a great sense of humour, a bit like Red Riding Hood) and didn't`t realise that you can Never take this off the internet!!!
Red Riding Hood had a different perspective on events than Frank did and for that I will apologise.
As I have said before, Frank is very charming in all respects, and very thoughtful and accommodating.
He has many accomplishments to his name....just to name a few,,,he has walked across the Simpson Desert in 14 days unaided....has built a solar powered boat from melted down aluminium cans and navigated it to New Guinea.
He has held a record for riding a motorcycle around Australia and has ridden a motorcycle with a sidecar from Cape Byron to the other side of Australia....along with his many feats in America, before coming to Australia, which include, gruelling motorcycle trips to Alaska and Baja California, flying a plane through the Grand Canyon to the Mexican Gulf and lots more stuff!!! Like surviving a plane crash in Guatemala!!!
So you see he is not really the Big Bad Wolf!!! He`s a little bit crazy, but so am i.......Red Riding Hood