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    Quote Originally Posted by Raider
    Fitzy said in his press conference that Libby lied to a reporter. Is that a crime? I say NO! At first, I was willing to give Fitz the benefit of the doubt but I'm really starting to think that he is JURY SHOPPING; like Ronnie Earle did. He is slowly but surely digging a big hole to bury the MSM in, and that will not make his predetermined answer fit the result-!

    It is quite possible that Woodward's source wasn't a Whitehouse official from the present administration (perhaps the previous), that would mean a fat indictment comming down on the heads of the Clintons......RIGHT? Woodward was pretty tight with the Clinton Administration, therefore, that was probably his source........HMMMMMM!!!!! :cool:

    Lewis Libby was not indicted for lying to a reporter, he was indicted for lying to FBI agents, and a grand jury. When asked what he said to Tim Russert, Matheww Cooper, and Judith Miller, he lied to FBI agents, and under oath to a grand jury about when or if he knew of Valerie Plame-Wilson's identity.

    1. He told FBI agents, in an interview with T. Russert, Mr. Russert "told" Mr. Libby about Mrs. Plame-Wilson, and that "other reporters" knew this information.

    **Mr. Russert never asked the question.

    2. To a grand jury, Mr Libby stated, he (L.Libby) told Matthew Cooper, he (L. Libby) had heard of Mrs. Plame-Wilson being a CIA agent, from "other reporters."

    ** Mr Libby, knew about Mrs. Plame-Wilson as early as one month before talking to Mattheww Cooper

    3. To a grand jury, Mr. Libby stated he told Judith Miller he(L.Libby) heard about Mrs. Plame-Wilson from "other reporters.

    ** Mr. Libby knew as early as June 2003 Mrs. Plame-Wilson, worked for the CIA.

    See pages 5-14 of the offical indicment.

    Three reporters, three lies. Told NOT to REPORTERS, but to FBI AGENTS AND A GRAND JURY, while under oath. That is the indictment. For all intents and purposes, Robert Woodward's "revelation, is irrelevent.


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    Its great to watch the Bushies sweat!!!

    Lets get flappin real: why do ya think Rove was **** canned by Bush 41 in 1992? same act with a reporter named BOBBY NOVAK!!!

    Rove is a Nazi boy (wow, how unusual -- his Grandfather was involved with devolping the machinery that killed Jews in the concentration camps and Prescott Bush - GWB's grandfather - traded illegally with Hitler during WW2) and this stunt of outing a CIA operative is what defines his career and Bushs right hand boy

    Name any other adult male that goes by the nickname "Turd Blossom"???

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