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    GE Int. GOV. GRANT ...SCAM?

    Does anyone know anything about A ge international scam. They call and say that you will get 25,000 of gov grants in a few days and then deduct 286.00 from your bank account. The number they give is 1 (866) 247-1845 and they don't identify the company for which they do customer service when you call. You have to tell them which company you need customer service for... anyways anyone know anything

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    Re: GE Int. GOV. GRANT ...SCAM?

    Yes, GE International is a scam and please do not let them sucker you in. Unfortunately I fell for the scam. In January of 2005, GE International contacted me via phone and stated that I qualified for at least $5,000, maybe even more money. They told me that all I needed to do was give them $294 out of my account and then I would get a packet in the mail with forms to fill out for my free money. It took them over three months to send out my package. I kept calling this company on a daily basis asking where my package was and I was always informed that it was on the way. When I eventually got my package I got a big book full of companys that I could apply for a grant from. I applied to a couple of these places and never received a response, so of course I complained to GE International and they were never willing to help me like they promised me when I first signed up with this company. I then decided to contact the Attorney General who did try to get my money back for me, but GE International refused to give me my money back, due to claiming that I could still get my money. The Attorney General then stated that there was nothing else that they could do for me. It is now December 16th, 2005, almost a year later and I have still not seen my money. I am still trying to figure out other ways to get my money back without taking them to court. THEY ARE A SCAM.

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