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    Fraud Warning: BeijingTeach.com & ForeignExpats.com = China TEFL Job Scams

    Their "cooperation" with Chinese Police now getting hundreds of teachers arrested monthly.

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    The subject all the mods (aka job recruiters) at the TEFL sub of Reddit keep censoring is just how many and how often fake teachers are being arrested and the numbers are now snowballing after Rebecca Tang now also known as Rosie Tang was apparently arrested for a second time and has cooperated completely with the Chinese police to avoid a 10 year sentence. The results of her "cooperatio" can be seen here: https://chinascampatrol.wordpress.co...april-of-2017/

    A CCTV News Reporter interviewed a woman at SAFEA whoopenly admitted that "about one-third of the foreign teachers now working in China never taught anyone anything before they came to China". The PSB officer they interviewed on BTV said they would continue "taking out the trash" until every last fake teacher was removed from China's schools. I think only America is more aggressive in enforcing their immigration laws, but China now seems to be on a crusade. And to think, it all started with a singleemail that said...

    "Dear Mother,

    I understand you complain that I dissipline XXXXXX in front of other children in the class. I do the same equaly for every student and do not treat your child special. And now that I am comunicating with you, please allow ten minutes to talk with me after class next Thursday since I want to talk with you about XXXXXXX's gramer problems and bad atatude.

    Thank You,

    Teacher David"

    Imagine if your kid's ENGLISH teacher sent you this email! Unfortunately, "Teacher David" who his school falsely passed off as American (based on his western good looks) turned out to be Vladju (Walter) a Ukranian refugee who was a plumber and house painter in his homeland. He may have been a nice guy but he was never a teacher. And as luck would have it, the email he sent back in 2014 was sent to the wife of a Chinese Deputy Minister of Education! When Xi took office she made sure the proverbial shit hit the fan.

    This is a huge change in China's government attiitude from Hu Jin Tao days when China cops could be paid to look the other way for $300. It was leaked that Rosie not only bought her way out of another prison sentence with her "cooperation" but will be allowed to keep recruiting so lonag as she gives the PSB copies of her new client files. Meanwhile, people are still trying to find out her real name because in China, criminal records are not public, but company SAIC and SAFEA registrations are. Neither BeijingTeach.com nor ForiegnExpats.com are registered with either SAIC, SAFEA,nor the China Ministry of Taxation. The Beijing Tax Burea confirmed that all of Rosie's 11 companies are now being investigated for tax evasion. http://opnlttr.com/letter/china-fore...m-artist-rosie

    BTW... Here is a new anti-scam resource for China that you may want to check from time to time: http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral

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    Re: Fraud Warning: BeijingTeach.com & ForeignExpats.com = China TEFL Job Scams

    It only takes one bad grape to spoil a barrel of wine. I am surprised that recruiters and schools do not give some sort of English proficiency test to make sure this stuff does not happen. That school must have been thoroughly embarrassed and that mother thoroughly pissed.

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