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    Re: Case study in stupidity

    20 days and no answers.....

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    Re: Case study in stupidity

    I've been with Studiotraffic for exactly one year now. I didn't start really upgrading my account until January of this year when I realized how it worked. I ended up upgrading to what I consider to be a substantial account level by mid Summer this year.

    In November my account was not yet in profit and my Surfing was blocked just like many others. My withdrawal from Studiopay for November is still pending and my withdrawal from StudioTraffic for the days I got to Surf in November hasn't transferred yet.

    HAVING SAID ALL THAT.... I am still an un-shaken believer in StudioTraffic!!!
    I have been involved in many other online income generating programs and have seen many come and go. I have never seen any of them work so hard for their members, offer so much support and try to help members understand what they're doing and where they're headed as a business.

    Up until October Studiotraffic paid me every month consistently and I appreciate that greatly. I realize that they have had a few payout glitches and they need to straighten that out in order to be the best stewards of the funds they are handling. I would much rather go through a few months of payments being held and having the program stay alive for many more years, than to get payments and have the program have to go under.

    It makes perfect business sense that Studiotraffic has to pause some payments and surfing while they clear up the payout errors so they don't uselessly waste and/or lose money. John has handled all problems with integrity so far and I know that he will continue to do so.

    I understand that some folks are frustrated with the current scenario. I think many are scared because you've seen many other programs come and go. But I want you all to consider that StudioTraffic stands in a class all by itself. It has a tremendous number of members who Advertisers will pay big to get in front of. It has an awesome support staff made up of members who do well when the program does well. It has a large number of people who have upgraded to very high account levels and therefore are promoting the program, it has initiated plans to enter the markets in China and India (billions of potential new members) and last but not least, John has continued to fight for the program through thick and thin.

    If you jumped into Studiotraffic for a quick profit you may be experiencing some frustration now, but if everyone settles down, continues to support the StudioTraffic Staff and continues to promote StudioTraffic we will all be pleasantly surprised next year when StudioTraffic does what it says it will do.

    My suggestions for those who find themselves negatively hyper-focused on the current situation:

    1)Read Admin forum posts on ways you can help Studiotraffic and RESPOND!

    2)Read the Forum Threads on creative ways to promote StudioTraffic and try some.

    3)Be patient with ST support staff . If you've submitted tickets or sent emails give them time to resopond. Because of the overload it may take a few days but they are working hard for you.

    4)Take time to Read through the forum if you have unresolved issues. Most issues have been addressed in the forum by Admin and most of the answers or the process you need to follow to get the answers can be found if you take time to look for them.

    5) Don't be afraid to continue to UPGRADE your accounts, donate to GAC, donate to Support Staff and compound your earnings. These are tangible ways of showing our support for StudioTraffic in its time of need. They've certainly been there for those of us who've been onboard for a while and they will continue to be.

    6) If you're someone who believes prayer works then prayer for StudioTraffic. Pray not only for your money but for the whole program. pray for the staff and the other members. Who knows what a little prayer might do?

    I hope that this post will encourage more than a few of you. Whether you're paid or not, blocked or surfing we are all in this together and we will either stand together or fall apart. StudioTraffic will remain standing in the end and those who have stood with it will be thankful that they did.

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    Re: Case study in stupidity

    Quote Originally Posted by EnglishTeacher
    After researching 12DP here and in other forums. I observe that the nay-sayers are consistently promoting other sites, although it takes a keen eye to spot this. I also notice a pattern of common spelling and grammar errors that are common to these sites, leading me to believe they have the same author(s). Further, for someone to go to such great lengths to prove their point has either too much time on their hands, or an ulterior motive to promote. Lastly, watch your spelling and grammar or I will give you detention.
    "English Teacher", I'm not the same as anyone else. It's so funny how most autosurf supporters here are new members making their first post... :confused: I hope your post is in sarcasm :)

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    forex87 Guest

    Re: Case study in stupidity

    1. we don't know what 12dp is doing behind the scenes to generate money.
    a. it could be a simple ponzi
    b. it may not be operating as a ponzi

    so there is no real way you can say it is a ponzi without knowing what is done with the money.

    i clicked on that sec link about ponzi and here is part of it.

    an investigation found that Ponzi had only purchased about $30 worth of the international mail coupons

    So even though he got $1 million from investors, he only purchased 30.00 worth. Whose fault is that? He would have been fine if he purchased $1 million worth and done his stamp selling thing, then he would have the gain to pay the investors as well as for his pocket. So it was he that was the thief not his investment idea.

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    Re: Case study in stupidity

    Quote Originally Posted by Ponzi Nemesis
    I just read this over at the 12daily Pro forum:

    "We cannot pay off bills and make money on 12DP at the same time. We have to put bills on hold and make money, then after a couple months get a little ahead so we can pay. But we still have to buy food and gas weekly. Can't avoid those expenses! So I have to take the upper hand and put in the upgrades and tell people "look we don't have it," screen all phonecalls, and I've even had to threaten a couple bill collectors with lawsuits! But by and by we will get ahead somehow, and 12DP is helping in that direction."

    I personally have warned this hapless fool that 12daily Pro is a Ponzi set to fold at any moment but simply received vitriolic abuse back. As a direct result of his stupidity he will find himself penniless and deeply in debt, and likely homeless (again!) too. I believe his wife is pregnant as well. Who's going to pay to support that child? Not 12daily Pro, that's for sure!

    You are doing a great job! Thank you for warning people here about this folding ponzi scam.

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    Re: Case study in stupidity

    goofy is a god!!!!

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    Re: Case study in stupidity

    Goofy's stupid posts are so hilarious now considering Studio Traffic is a goner. Some scam detectors we have here, huh guys?

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    Re: Case study in stupidity

    When I was a student, case studies were the hardest thing for me and It's really a good thing that these days students have a chance not to waste their own time but to order papers from https://domycasestudy.com/ for example.

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