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    The 87 U.S. officials with secret Panama Bank Accounts as reported to FBI Director Mueller

    A former IRS whistleblower named Bruce Gorcyca worked as an FBI informant inside a small Miami company for 2 years that was a front company of our beloved government. It was called American Financial Group located inside the City National Bank building (owned by Jeb Bush's buddy Alberto Duque a Colombian drug smuggler and money launderer). The President of American Financial Group was a 25 year veteran executive of the U.S. Justice Department named Edward Myles Chism and this is his cousin in Panama Juan David Morgan who owns the largest client list of U.S. government money washers including those of the CIA, Hillary's brother, the Clinton Foundation, Donald Gregg, Jeb Bush, etc. But the best part of this story is down below this photo...

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    When the FBI learned about these Panama Bank accounts from Gorcyca, the honest FBI agent handling the matter SA Maury Berthon was transferred from Miami to New Orleans (now retired) and the case closed upon orders of the U.S. Attorney at the U.S.Justice Department and plans were made to discredit or "neutralize" Gorcyca who reported receiving numerous death threats and moved with his pregnant wife to Canada where she is a citizen. The below letter was sent to and received by FBI Director Robert Mueller, only a week after 911, reminding him about the illegal Panama Bank accounts laundering over $100 million every month of corruption money, but also advised him of the Saudi connection to 911 and Khobar Towers attack in 1995. What did he do? Instead of rewarding and questioning the whistleblower, he tried to extradite from Canada with a crime that had no victim. Read: http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.com And this link containing the letters sent by FEDEX to Mueller...http://opnlttr.com/letter/dear-congr...illary-clinton Here below is a photo of Edward Chism of American Financial Group who was rewarded with less than 1 year in prison after he too had to be discredited with an $87 million fraud, he was instructed to commit! His wife Teresita Tapia "coincidentally" happens to be the former secretary, translator, and personal banker of Manuel Noriega. (She is pictured to the right in the photo below)

    More about this links into Wall Street Corruption at

    And now WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to trust Robert Mueller to investigate President Trump after he was appointed by the established shadow government that was running American Financial Group and laundered over $1 billion and arranged Saudi campaign contributions to Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton? Google "Seized book manuscripts" Gorcyca, GTX357" and read Chapters 24-27



    Remember, these letters were written and delivered 15 years ago, long before Hillary or Trump announced they would every run for U.S. Presidency.
    ALso see http://opnlttr.com/letter/dear-congr...illary-clinton and see this other link about the murder of Presidential aide John Wheeler who was corroborating with Gorcyca when he was murdered. [B]https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?...mp-Bush-Crimes[/B

    So now you will probably ask who was Terry Nelson, Jack Goldberg, and Steve Finta, right? Here you go...

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    Re: The 87 U.S. officials with secret Panama Bank Accounts as reported to FBI Director Mue

    Amazing that not one of these corrupt officials have been prosecuted. The government our forefathers created with the best of intentions has been hijacked by the bankers. The feds work for them and do only their bidding.
    Deduction my ass... I need proof!

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