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    Foreign Expats aka ForeignExpats.com is a huge China TEFL Job Scam aka Beijing Teach


    Although the owner Rosie Tang (formerly known as Rebecca Tang) has already been outed, we need to warn you all about the 11 different companies this convicted felon owns and operates or affiliates with as a "partner" to conceal the Chinese ownership. ForeignExpats.com and BeijingTeach.com are both sophisticated frauds that skims about 50% of your salaries and how they do it is explained by this victim: https://www.reddit.com/r/tefl_blackl...er_rosie_uses/

    Be advised that Rosie/Rebecca is a convicted felon who was jailed a year in prison for ripping off over 2,000 foreign expat TEFL teachers as she admitted in Court when she pled guilty in 2015. After being released from China she changed her name and her looks. She now calls herself "Rosie" and cut and dyed her hair. She moved her office from Xidan to Chaoyang and got herself some new emails at foxmail.com, 126.com,and yahoo.com. Below is what she looks like today. If you are dumb enough to fall for her BS and sign a contract with any of the below companies, you will be taken for a ride that will end up costing you about $10,000 in your first 3 months in China.

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    Now here are all the Rosie Tang (aka Rebecca Tang) companies and partnerships that former her sticky web of deceit;


    BeijingTeach.com aka Beijing Teach

    China ESL, ChinaESL.com

    New Life ESL (partner Derrick Yazwa)

    New World ESL

    Wan Jia Education (Serbian partner Nikki aka Nikic Pedrag)

    Golden Bridge ESL

    East-West Education

    Golden Bridge Education

    Golden Bridge English

    Golden Bridge Visa

    And as you are reading these very words she is probably now creating a handful of more alias companies and may get David Valley of Toronto to front for her some more like he did in 2014. If you still think Rosie is just another China job agent just trying to make a buck Read how she took 66% of American Katherine Cox's salary... http://forums.eslcafe.com/teacher/viewtopic.php?p=45560 and here is the contract she tricked hundred of foreign teachers into signing: https://myalbum.com/album/Qt6TWGP0olx3

    More history on Rebecca/Rosie:









    Rosie has been snitching on her own clients to collect reward moneys from the police as you can read here and see that 269 foreign teachers were arrested last month alone for having fake diplomas and TEFL certificates Rosie sold to them!


    If YOU bought any fake documents from Rosie Tang or through one of her 37 reps, prepare to be arrested and deported before the end of
    June, 2017.

    Also be aware that Eric Winder is still finding and feeding new victims to Rosie as he did for Rebecca. For more details see: http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral
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    If in doubt about any China company or entity, make this your first stop http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral

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