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    Which free ANYTHING sites are real?

    I'm looking to avoid any scam I can. I've read a few posts on this site, but what I'm wondering is what sites that offer all those free products, really give up the goods?

    I never went any further with any of them after I had seen that the only thing that the sites asked for was for me to join BMG, or subscribe to a magazine, or get a credit card. I wasn't interested in either I was after the laptop, but if I will actually get a laptop almost for free I guess it would be worth it. So if any of you SCAM BUSTERS out there know which sites are legit lemme know Thanks!!!

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    Re: Which free ANYTHING sites are real?

    Just read through a few posts, look through the one's about websites, that have a few pages of replies, that is usually people talkinb about their success, like everyfreegift, and a few others you will see, about plasma's and a PSP, just read a few and you will find out everything you need...

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