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Thread: hea-employment

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    Question in different thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Sengchao
    Hi again ppl,
    nobody-thanks for your advice. I came across HEA(www.hea-employment.com), a company which tales $35 from you, claiming it will place you in a legit work from home job very quickly. It has a good BBB rating. I am undecided about it, but was wondering-has anyone tried this company? What do you think?

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    Re: hea-employment

    I think anyone who wants my money for something like this is not on the up and up. Most of the work at home "opportunities" aren't profitable. The ones that are are usually mlm type set ups where the people at the bottom all lose out.

    I wouldn't trust it.

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    Re: hea-employment

    Quote Originally Posted by tjwor
    Question in different thread
    This company does not hire workers. The fee they are charging is for membership with their company which they will help place you in a work from home job. I am in no way affiliated with this company nor have I used their services. I just wanted you to understand what they are offering. According to their site:

    HEA Member Statistics
    Total Number of Members: 101,396
    Total Number of Members that have located work: 93,284 (92%)

    42% of the members that joined this week have already located work.
    58% of the members that joined this month have already located work.
    86% of the members that joined this year have already located work.
    92% of all members currently using our services have located work.

    I do not know how accurate those numbers are. However, I do know that there are many companies out there which try to help jobseekers find jobs from home, you just have to be careful with which one you join. Some will furnish you with old listings, some give you a clerical guide which has been circulated around the net for years (some may be updated)... there is just no real way of knowing until afterwards. You should email the company and ask them questions in regards to your concerns. ALWAYS go by your gut feeling... it is 9/10 correct.

    I hope that I have shed some light on this for you.

    Take Care & God Bless! :)

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    Re: hea-employment

    I have a membership with HEA and supposedly they sent my resume to alot of employers but to date I have not received one offer and I really don't see any new jobs on their website and when I asked for my money back, I didn't get a response. I would like to know how accurate their job finding percentage
    really is.

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