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    S&G Imports=Money-Laundering....My horrific Nightmare

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Paris, and I would like to share with you my horrific nightmare. It all started with a 'so-called' online business I was invited to work for. I had received an e-mail from "Natasha" saying that she saw my resume on monster.com or somewhere like that, and wanted to offer me an 'administrative' position with her company, S&G Imports. They supposedly sold furniture, antiques, jewelry, books, software, etc. online. I thought it sounded great!!

    She said all I would have to do is send in my checking account #, routing #, international money transfer code, proof of address, etc. to her so that the profits generated from her online business could be sent to my bank account. From there I was to take out 10% for myself, any fees for money transfers, and other fees I saw fit (like gas to the bank, etc.). I was so excited! She then proceeded to explain how much her business generated each week...this being around $10,000. I was freaking out! An extra $1000 a week!! Woohoo. I thought I was playing it smart too. I didn't send in my drivers license for a proof of address, instead I sent a utility bill with my personal account # and other info blacked out. And I didn't mind giving her my checking account # information because I had emptied the account, so there was nothing I could lose.

    Anyways, in the weeks to come I waited and waited for the money to start rolling in, and it did! Everytime I e-mailed Natasha with a question, she got back to me within an hour....every single time. She e-mailed me and said how I was to be receiving $8000 on the following thursday. I was sure it was legit...and I was so excited...until I got a call from the bank while I was at work.

    It was around 2:00 p.m. and I was sitting at work monitoring my online bank account like it was a felon. Refreshing the page every 5 seconds...hey, I thought I was about to make an easy $800. Nothing was posting, so I decided to take lunch. I got in my car, and about a minute later the bank called. I thought, no big deal, it's probably just a precaution since the money was such a large amount. I answer the phone and the woman on the other line was very stern.

    "Miss such-and-such, I heard you were having some trouble with your checking account posting a deposit on saturday..."
    (She was talking about a couple weekends ago when I had deposited some money into the account to keep it from closing from inactivity, and it hadn't posted for a while, but it eventually did).

    I told her that it was taken care of and that it had posted, and all was well. She then began to ask me if I was expecting any other deposits into the account...I suddenly felt uneasy because her tone was very...cold. I said yes, actually, I'm working with a woman who sells products online, and she was supposed to deposit about $8000 into my account today for me to handle....

    She then explains how the $8000 was taken from a man in California's checking account, and how he had filed a claim. It had traced right from my checking account. At this point I was hyperventilating and absolutely freaking out. IT WAS A SCAM!!!! INSTEAD OF TAKING MY MONEY (which was the worse I figured would happen), THEY WERE TAKING OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY AND MAKING IT LOOK LIKE I TOOK IT!!!! I asked her what I should do, trying to explain this whole "natasha" ordeal, and she said that I had to come to the bank as soon as possible since they were notified to contact the authorities and that I was to be detained at the bank until they got there (the police were busy that day I guess, and couldn't be there for an hour). She also said how according to the paper trail, I'm the one responsible since all my information was used and there's no record of "natasha" anywhere. I've never been so scared in my life.

    I ran into my work office crying explaining how there was an emergency at the bank and that I had to leave. I work about 30 min from where I live (and the bank is about 4 blocks away from the house), so I drove as fast as I could. I've never been so shakey, it was awful. It was the longest 30 minutes of my life, because the whole way there I was sure I was going to jail.

    I got to the bank finally, and the police hadn't shown up yet. Luckily, before I left work, I printed every single e-mail I'd ever received from "Natasha" to show them what happened, and how. After waiting and waiting and waiting, a detective and a couple police officers came into the bank. I showed them the e-mails, and explained how I was tricked into thinking this was something it wasn't. All the while the cops are just looking at me like I was an idiot (the more I explained the situation, the more ridiculous it started to sound), acting as though they didn't believe a word I said. Not to mention my town being, well I'm going to say it, a redneck town. I can't tell you how many times I had to explain to him what had happened...very frustrating.

    After explaining in the bank, and explaining at the police station, and writing it all down, and getting tape recorded, I was allowed to go home. I was so relieved that I didn't have to take the fall for something I didn't do. These people were very sneaky, deceptive and smart...I thought I had researched them pretty good...I saw the website with the products they said they sold, and they had an 800 number I called a couple of times.

    Basically, any business that asks you to handle their money without ever meeting you, knowing you, etc. isn't a legitimate business. Watch out for S&G and many other scammers....

    I would have gone to jail if I hadn't saved the e-mails, and if that man in California hadn't filed a claim...because then, I would have been physically involved in the money-laundering ring, profited from the money, and then sent it to the scammers themselves. The first thing they asked me was if I had received any money prior to this, luckily no, this was to be the first transaction.

    Beware of money-laundering scams you guys, its worse then loosing a couple hundred dollars here and there, it's your life and your freedom.


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    Re: S&G Imports=Money-Laundering....My horrific Ni

    ok I have one that looks like this OK a website with alot of work to it.
    The job offer came through one of the online web sites that I am looking for work (indeed I think)
    They are asking folks to be financial agents to train them for a month making a commission 8% say you can make 2300.00. I have emailed the BBB because if it sounds to good to be true it is.
    www.huge-groupfine.cn :rotz:

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    Re: S&G Imports=Money-Laundering....My horrific Ni

    yes, you've got a live one!

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    Re: S&G Imports=Money-Laundering....My horrific Ni

    Thanks Mumbles As I was doubting myself. Anyway the website if you looks at the domain name under whois (this was my final nail ) was just purchased May 2009 though the compnay has been is business for 15 years! And the person associated with it is a gmail account?
    Anyway stay clear - I am waiting for the BBB to get back to me!
    And thanks again.

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