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    FE-International: Scam or not?

    If you want to get a look, Here is the link...

    Anyway, Do you think it is good one or is it scam? Isn't same as RM/DOI? Because I remember last a year ago that RM/DOI was 74% profit per a day for for a year. Now as FE-International said...

    5% daily
    Amount:$5 - $2,500
    Plan cycle:30 days

    3% daily compounding
    Amount:$5 - $2,500
    Plan cycle:15 days

    40% weekly
    Amount:$5 - $2,500
    Plan cycle:5 weeks

    What do you think? I would like to hear your feedback about it.

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    Re: FE-International: Scam or not?

    Definite scam. The site is no longer there. Wasted $20 on this crap!! :mad:

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    Re: FE-International: Scam or not?

    Yes, a confirmed scam site.
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