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Thread: Candy Scam?

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    Re: Candy Scam?

    You people all really need to chill out. From the original post, Luke all you know is that you've seen this kid twice. He may have thought 'hang on a sec, there's oppourtunity here to make money by doing little work'; he may be controlled by a ruthless organisation designed to exploit our weaknesses by using little kids to get to our hearts; he may just have a very active social life and be involved in lots of activities.
    Is it your duty to give to him so he can enjoy and further himself? Are you related to him? Do you owe him? End of the day you do have a choice, and he is offering you a product for a price. If you feel the price is unreflective of the product you are recieving then decline the offer.
    It is not an enforced rule that you have to give to your community in a charitable way. Are you giving because it is socially acceptable? Or possibly there's a trace of guilt there? - which is not neccessarily a bad thing. If you feel that you already give enough to your community then learn to say no. It won't make you go to hell. This kid is not starving without your money, not being threatened with imprisonment or cruelty.
    Personally (and we all view this differently) i feel i should prioritise in my giving. I rarely give to random strangers unless i feel they really need it. I look after myself first, then comes family (this may change when i have kids), then comes close friends. If i ever have more money in this life than i can use i'm gonna invest it in non-profit organisations which help others. But until then i don't give to beggars (they're rarely there when it rains - professional beggars in London can make 500 a day at xmas!). I don't buy The Big Issue (English mag sold by official homeless people for 1) cos it's crap in my opinion. But i do rally round my friends when they need it - moneywise or emotionally. And i did once give 13 out of my pocket to a random stranger who told me he'd been mugged (phone and wallet) and was stranded in London - on the simple basis that i believed him cos he was well dressed and tentative to attract my attention.

    Anyway, hope this helped.

    If you really want to give, go to your local school and ask them if there's any trips they need funding for. Donate whatever you feel you can afford through direct debit if you want, then you have an excuse when you say "No chocolate for me thanks, i don't like it.'

    Whadda-ya say?

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    Re: Candy Scam?

    are you guys for real???

    i cant tell who is serious and who is messing around.

    Not that I am an adult so i dont feel guilty, but when i see those kids, usually outside supermarkets, i just say "no thanks man sory" and say good luck. Or, if i want some candy then i pay tehm the 1$ extra that i would pay if i just go inside the market. Who cares whether or not they are just doing it to make money or becuase tehy really are trying to go to band camp or whatever nonsense they say.

    Do you really mind giving a kid an extra dollar for something your kids could easily be doing?? If you do mind, what is the big deal to just say "no thanks but good luck kid" and be on your way.

    its not like they are "homeless"people who sit on teh corner with a sign and ask for money, not konwing if itll go towards ciggs or alcy. theyre just kids, and whether or not they are scamming you or not, its 2 bucks!!!

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    Re: Candy Scam?

    This post cracks me up. Anyone have one of them candy bars? im kinda hungry.

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    Re: Candy Scam?

    My, my, my, my, my! I was so totally blown away by this thread. I never buy anything from anyone I don't know for charitable purposes. Simply as that. Like others have said. If you think its a scam then don't buy it. Its called walking away people. Do it with me, put one foot in front of the other and move forward.

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    Re: Candy Scam?

    Well, when I sold candy for baseball or Cub scouts, we were required to wear your uniform. you are not just selling candy, you are representing your organization. Ya sell a candy bar for a $1 & see if ya win a convert at the same time. The jehova witnesses do this giving free magazines away. Now if you have 13 y/o kids selling M&Ms with the crack of their ass showing then yep thats a scam & will more than likely end up making mamma proud becoming prisoner of the month.
    HEATHER FOREVER!!!!!Heather O'Rourke,I Love you!!:D 1975 -1988

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    Re: Candy Scam?

    I check in periodically to see if there is any let up in the paranoia around here. I see that people are still concerned about being "scammed" buy "donating" two dollars for a candy bar (note: this is called commerce in most nations and is neither illegal nor a scam), but apparently it has not.

    Here is a hint for all of you para-noids: next time a kid is trying to sell you a candy bar in front of the gas station for $2, go inside and pay $1.50. That way you can be sure your money is going somehwhere valuable like enriching the coffers of your friendly mega-corporation; we all know how much THEY help the little guy.

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    Re: Candy Scam?

    This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I sold $2 candy bars in middle school to raise money for band. Yes, my school put me up to it. The vast majority of the time, these kids are actually selling candy for legit school activities. To say otherwise reflects the most bizarrely cynical paranoia I have ever encountered.

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