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    I'm confused - Need Help

    I recently finished a book study on "When You Can Walk on Water Why Take the Boat." I visited www.InpirationPoint.com and signed up for newsletters and inpirational messages. Later I purchased the DreamLife Seminar. A few days ago I started getting a funning feeling and started doing some "investigating." I know she made her money in MLM. Some businesses came up like: Central Market, Inc., Marketing Express, LLC, Independance International, LLC. I also found some involvement with Prepaid Legal and Advantage Worldwide. I found this in association with Predpaid Legal: "Minnasota Attorny General accused both women of operating an illegal "credit repair" scheme that promised to rid consumers of poor credit histories in exchange for a hefty upfront fee." One at home business started by Central was "Patchwork and Preserves." I tried www.patchworkandpreserves.com and get routed to Inpiration Point. Am I being scammed? I did not include names I found because I did not want to falsely accuse anyone. But I am getting nervous.

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    Re: I'm confused - Need Help

    Have you tried http://www.888.biz/billt

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