Do not trust NEW HERBAL LIFE CLINIC from Johannesburg, South Africa!

They shamelessly deceit people promising that their herbal remedies cure all sorts of medical conditions. Once you pay for the product, they come up with more requests to pay exorbitant customs taxes in South Africa and your own country. They never mention this to you before.

If you want to track your parcel, you'll have to do it through their so-called courier, FAST COURIER SERVICE, who will not tell you the needed details to check if the parcel exists (e.g.,documentation related to the entry of the parcel in your country). You cannot track it in your own country with the (fake) details given.

These people do not care about you, do not care that you put your hopes in their promises, do not care you have saved this money for months or years; all they care about is making MONEY by deceiting vulnerable people!!!

In my desperation, I ignored the fact that on their website, there was no link, at least, to research/specialist literature articles which support their claims... It is a big scam!