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    Does anyone know about pips.com?

    Has anyone else dealt with this personal investment site? It dissappeared off the net a while back after I invested in it.

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    Re: Does anyone know about pips.com?

    P.I.P.S. was raided by Bank Negara Malaysia and subsequently had its computers and records consfiscated. As a consequence it is currently non operational. Bryan and Sharon Marsden were taken into custody in Malaysia on August 15.

    Bryan Marsden is due to appear in court for mention on November 17.

    The P.I.P.S. "businesses", the Bistro, Coffee shop and Tandoori are closed.

    There is some dispute as to whether P.I.P.S. Fashion is operational or not.

    The Kids Bible is owned separately, and appears to be operating still, although, again, there is some dispute as to the financing and therefore exact relationship to Marsden and the P.I.P.S. members.

    Most observers consider P.I.P.S. to be finished, and Bryan and Sharon Marsden likely to be charged with a variety of offences, although there are still some "believers" who think that Marsden will be cleared.

    Investigations are also proceeding in various states in the US regarding "cease and desist" orders issued against P.I.P.S., the Marsdens, Team jollyPIPster, DBR, Westoby and others. These states include Texas, Missouri, Alaska, Iowa and Nebraska.

    There are currently investigations being undertaken in various other places around the world, notably Kells in Ireland and Ketchikan in Alaska into whether separate frauds have taken place by members of P.I.P.S. signing up new members, pocketing the money and issuing worthless P.I.P.S. memberships.
    Warnings have also been issued in Australia and other places.

    Depending on where the information originates, P.I.P.S. hasn't been paying members since december 2004 or January 2005

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