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    Scam Warning! Nikic Pedrag aka "Niki" is cheating China teachers with Rosie Tang TEFL Agen


    Nikki is both the boyfriend and biz partner of the infamous Rebecca Tang who changed her name to Rosie Tang after being released from prison in 2016. She was convicted of defrauding over 2,000 foreign expat teachers by using the "Silent Scam" she invented and skimmed over 5 million from the foreign teachers she recruited to work in blacklisted unlicensed schools in China. She also used David Valley, Eric Winder, and Derrick Yazwa as her front office agents to mislead people to think they were not dealing with a Chinese scammer, but rather "fellow foreigners who can be trusted".

    As the China Scam Patrol and CFTU recently confirmed, the below are now the 11 different companies being used by Rosie Tang and her lover Nikki to swindle even more teachers. Beware or be fu cked!

    * China ESL

    * New Life ESL

    * Wan Jia Education

    * New World ESL

    * ForeignExpats.com

    * BeijingTeach.com

    * Golden Bridge ESL

    * Golden Bridge English

    * Golden Bridge Education

    * Golden Bridge Visa

    * Total ESL

    "Dr. Pedrag" is a Serbian Fugitive wanted for fraud by Interpol. If you know where he lives send me a PM and we will split the reward money!

    To learn more about how they screw people just readup on Rebecca Tang aka Rosie Tang at:








    Remember Rebecca Tang is now Rosie Tang with a boob job.
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