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    So which free (paid surveys)

    So which free paid surveys do you guys recommand and have postive expirence with?

    Thank you

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    Re: So which free (paid surveys)

    I have experience with a lot of them, over two years now.
    This is going to be long so hold on... :)
    First and foremost, do NOT pay for a list of survey sites. There are tons of places that will sell you lists that include sites that are just trying to harvest your email and sell you stuff. There are other sites included that ask you to complete offers etc and get free shopping sprees etc. These are not true research companies.
    Second, you will not make enough to replace your income. If you want to take surveys for money you MUST be willing to do it for fun, a little extra cash and some great free products (this is not the same as the free ipods, free shopping sprees, etc).
    You also must be willing to take a ton of surveys and be entered in contests etc. If you skip these surveys you won't make it into the paying studies and the studies that give you free products. The screeners typically offer to enter you into a contest and once you make it past the screener you get the good stuff. There are a couple of companies that do offer you money upfront but they are not the norm.
    Okay now for the good stuff, there are a bunch of sites that offer you free lists of survey sites but they also include the ones that want to sell you stuff and the ones that harvest email addresses because they are an affiliate with all those companies and they want to make money. I have a good list that does not include those companies on my website. You can access it through my profile or PM me. I am an affiliate for about 1/10th of the companies that I have listed and I use that money to keep my website running. If you don't want to be a part of that, just feel free to jump to the second page on my list and I am not an affiliate with any of those companies listed on that page :) Otherwise feel free to use the whole list and feel safe in doing so. We also have a message board which is wonderful and everyone keeps everyone else uptodate on paying surveys and focus groups and you are welcome to join that as well. I am happy to answer any questions any one has about taking surveys and the truth behind them.


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    happygal Guest

    Re: So which free (paid surveys)

    Connie's advice is very good. I spend days and days signing up for 300 sites only to get a bunch of spam. I have gotten out of all of the annoying, non-paying ones and gotten down to a core list of surveys that actually pay me. About 15 in all. But those 15 are great. I average about $100 a month. I just keep a blog of ones that pay me and update it daily if I get a new payment or have issues with others.

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    masterphila Guest

    Re: So which free (paid surveys)

    Hi there!

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    Re: So which free (paid surveys)

    Pinecone Research, Greenfield Online are companies that are free to join and pay people who complete surveys

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