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    Luis A. Morocho aka Landwide Contractors LLC

    Born in 1972 Luis Morocho is a career criminal who poses as a contractor and painter. An undocumented alien, he has prior arrests and convictions for patronizing prostitution and most recently aggravated DWI resulting in jail time and 3 years probation. He is a one man army carrying a concealed knife in his back pocket and running his own business out of his car - which is where he probably lives out of. His address is registered to a used car dealership in a sketchy part of town. He probably lives in the slums behind the dealership where other illegal undocumented immigrants currently reside.

    Luis is currently incarcerated for 2 counts of aggravated DWI in Queens NY. Has also been arrested for prostitution. Carries a concealed weapon. Be careful he is a crazy nut.
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