DO NOT USE SPRINT AS A CARRIER!!!! They are the complete worst scammers ever.

There are multiple reasons why you should never use Sprint:

#1: I switched from AT&T to Sprint on April 1, 2017, to Sprints "unlimited" plan because they advertise it as a way to save money compared to their competitors. I will tell you this; it saves you $10.00. Not worth the time or a headache. Sprints monthly bill is $189, and AT&T is $200. Stick with AT&T
#2: Their so-called "LTE" is a scam. I was always on a 2G network. What is this 2008? I didn't even know that 2G was still a thing
#3: Since their network is so shi**y maps, the internet, and email -
good luck opening any sort of attachment - completely out of the question.
#4: Customer Service solution to not having service is to restart your phone and connect to a new tower. SO that literally means I would have to restart my phone at least four times a day. NO - I was in Thailand with AT&T and had better service than I do with Sprint in my own home in Chicago (which is supposed to have great service, said the Sprint rep)
#5: Their customer service team is the worst and by far the rudest people - one accused me of not having time to come in and talk to someone.
#6: 14-day guarantee - this changed this year from 30 days to 14 days. They do this to screw you over - oh and they don't tell you its 14 days when you buy the phone. I was traveling the first two weeks that I had Sprint and had no time to call (takes about 3 hours of your life that you will never get back) I called on April 24 to see if I could get out of their contract. The woman berated me and judged me asking what I was doing with my time that I could not call or go in. Fast forward May 9 - 39 DAYS AFTER joining Sprint - I had enough and switched back to AT&T. Now I am left with a $1110 early termination bill. My choices are to port back into Sprint and continue service for the next two years or pay the bill. They are complete scam artists. The last customer service "supervisor" that I spoke to said that if I had come in on te 16 or even 17 days, I would have been able to cancel but since it was ten days after I have to pay. So you are saying you would have bent the rules for 16/17 days but not for me?

I am completely shocked that a company like Sprint is doing this to their customers. Clearly, your service does not work where I live and work, maybe it works for other customer but why should I be punished to continue two lines of service when it doesn't work? Its not like I have been a customer for a few months or even a year. I called 24 days in my contract because I was noticing huge problems. Now I am stuck with a $1110 bill that is complete BS. I am so appalled by the way you treat consumers that I hope no one else has to go through this.