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    Re: Clinton's Accomplishments

    Unfortunately, yes, he is our President.

    Thank God for the two term rule. Now we can only hope old brother Jeb doesn't run.

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    Re: Clinton's Accomplishments

    Quote Originally Posted by On A Mission
    Lady Mod....what a shame that you reside in Texas...you obvioulsy chose to live here so that IS saying something about Texas, isn't it. As far as Redneck....think what you want, it makes no difference to me. I am no more a redneck than you are dear (or should I say "darlin"). I grew up in Dallas, Texas and I am sure you would call Dallasites Redneck. I choose to live in East Texas...that is a choice, pure and simple. We own a business in Dallas and we have a small farm/ranch. My children are blessed with fresh air and children that are not privy to all that goes with the "big city life". Our school district is awesome and all the parents are HEAVILY involved with everything the children do.

    I can't imagine which unlucky city you choose to live in ...in Texas, hopefully not near me. You are no more a moderator than the man on the moon and you, dear, need to find something to do with your time...because obviously it is wasted on this website.

    A previous poster said I would probably not do well in politics and he may be right...I, too, do not like knowing EVERYTHING about the candidates and their families and the disgraceful strategic games people play. I do, however, feel it is necessary to have genuine people in office. At least, in my opinion, the twice elected George Bush has been true to himself person...he is what he is. I mean he will stand for something. Clinton was only interested in servicing himself....in every way possible. He, not Bush, misused his power. Enough said about Clinton ...he is history. Let's focus on the future.

    I am sure the comments will come about ...Bush standing for something or focusing on the future......you will have to deal with it.......

    He is our PRESIDENT.
    You couldn't pay me to live over by smog filled, crowded Dallas. Nope, I moved here after years in the mountains of Colorado and beautiful country. But I was raised in Los Angeles, and that's what Dallas reminds me of.

    I live further east, where there are trees. And you have nothing to worry about, I probably wouldn't be interested in any tack or farm goods from your little business anyway, or do you run a bait store? And I probably make more in the two hours a day that I call "working" than your business makes in an entire day. I don't need to spend that much time on here dealing with neocons. You are all quite simple to deal with.

    You are right, don't go into politics. We simply don't need a station wagon mom actually in office. Go back to mucking out the stalls.

    Lady Mod

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    Re: Clinton's Accomplishments

    Quote Originally Posted by idshadow
    That's the thing though. Things aren't always "black or white" and the lines dividing things aren't so "cut and clear." There's always the grey in between that you have to look at and then weigh your decisions and form your opinion.

    Like how everyone seems to like to label insurgents in Iraq as "terrorists." Even though they aren't.

    You're correct... most of the "Insurgents" are Sunni Muslims.
    Someone commented on one of the threads that by our going into Iraq
    that we created a civil war there. little do they know that that strife
    has been going on between the Sunnis and Sheites for centuries. Also,
    the Kurds are sandwiched in between.
    Any "terrorist" that are coming there are splinter groups from Al Quidea
    that are opportunist. They are itching to prosecute their action thre
    to stay in shape and learn new tactics so when they come here to
    the U.S.A. in force they can use this training, experience here.
    And... they will eventually be here. Some are aleady, in case anyone
    hasn't notice how very simple it is to slip across the Mexican/U.S.
    border. And many of them look like Mexicans, as well.

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    Re: Clinton's Accomplishments

    Looking at my earnings and life in general, I got more from Clinton then I did under any Republican before or since. There was the education tax credit, sweet, very sweet, the Family Medical Leave Act which fixed my arm and kept me productive, and getting in on the tail end of the dot-com before it bombed.

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    Re: Clinton's Accomplishments

    Bush = 2000+ US Soldiers killed. For what???...Mission Accomplished???

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    Re: Clinton's Accomplishments

    Quote Originally Posted by Synik
    Bush = 2000+ US Soldiers killed. For what???...Mission Accomplished???

    If you ask Raider he might be able to tell you, since according to him, "were winning the war".

    although i have asked him to say one thing that the US has won, besides overthrowing a vicious tyrant, which doesnt really count, He hasnt responded with anything.

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