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    TEFL Teacher Scam Alert - Hampson English in Beijing, China - RUN!

    Danger: Massive Exploitation In Progress - Run For Your Life!

    Hampson English in Beijing has a dozen locations and employs over 150 expat foreign teachers (over 300 nationwide in China) - but they actually have a license and pay taxes according to the government authorities. But we cannot find them registered with SAFEA and more than a dozen of their teachers have been arrested and deported over the last three years for working without a Z visa. The CFTU claims 37 complaints were received from Hampson teachers in the last three years (I go by 3-year historical records because any one company can have "a bad year"). And here is a summary of those complaints:

    * 12 complaints - Fake taxes and fines deducted from their wages sometimes equal to 40% of their salaries

    * 9 complaints - Substantial discrepancies on their wages (getting shorted regularly on pay day)

    * 7 complaints - Unpaid overtime (Illegal according to China law unless the employee consents)

    * 6 complaints - Being forced to lie to parents about teacher's citizenship and past teaching credentials

    * 2 complaints - Sexual harrassment by management of female teachers

    * 1 complaint - Extortion related to obtaining a release letter

    But my source at Hampson tells me that most teachers don't bother to file complaints - they just wait til pay day and vanish.

    In fact, Hampson may very well have the highest teacher turn-over rate or place a close second to Bilingo-China. My contact tells me that he/she has worked there for 1.5 years (illegally on a student visa) and that more than 2 dozen teachers have come and gone in just that one location (not including three arrests by the PSB). He/she also informs me that a certain manager named Li pressures teachers to buy fake TEFL certificates from them for 2,000 rmb and everyone else is pushed to do street marketing on split shifts - passing out flyers in the morning and then teaching in the afternoons with 2-3 hours of unpaid time in between. 70% of their teachers are part-time to keep the cost of benefits to a minimum.

    So are they a scam? Well, the fact that they deduct 25% of your pay in fake taxes makes them a scammer for sure. FYI... you only need to pay tax on income exceeding 4,800 rmb per month in China and the tax rate in 18% or less in most provinces and never exceeds 20%. So Hampson is skimming 5%-10% of their employee wages and all their employees should be demanding to see tax receipts chopped from the Beijing tax Bureau.Hampson English also has some dubious distinctions and honors...

    1. They are in the top 10 of the lowest wages paid to expat teachers in China (at number 4 - Only EZ English, China Bilingo, and Mayflower are worse)

    2. They have been sued by more than a dozen teachers/parents in the last three years for various deceptions (9 cases settled)

    3. They hire just about anyone that can speak English and looks like they are American or Canadian. They even hire blacks and Latinos whereas most China schools do not

    Recently Hampson achieved notoriety in the local China media as well... https://freewechat.com/a/MzIyNTA0NjM3Mg==/2650898561/3

    There are 11 complaints found about Hampson online like these:







    Hampson English is blacklisted by the CTA, CFTU and China Scam Central. More about them can also be found at http://Reddit.com/chinascamcentral. They are currently under investigation by China Scam Patrol which says their report may not be finished until June. Stay tuned. Hampson English is a Chinese owned "Culture Development Company".
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    Re: TEFL Teacher Scam Alert - Hampson English in Beijing, China - RUN!

    So many Earthlings seem quite angry with this Hampson English group. http://www.eslteachersboard.com/cgi-....pl?read=55606 Did they eat the last slice of pizza or what?

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    Re: TEFL Teacher Scam Alert - Hampson English in Beijing, China - RUN!

    I have been to Hampson English in Nanjing. I simply asked if they provide a z visa. She said after probation period. I said the law states I need it first day. She said they're a legit school and the z visa issued TO their bj office as its the hq. BINGO! NEVER WORK WITHOUT A Z VISA FROM DAY ONE AND NEVER WORK FOR A PLACE THAT REGISTERED YOUR VISA IN ANOTHER CITY!

    I tried to leave, but the girl literally shoved a pen in my hand and pushed it on the contract. She told me to sign. I said, "Nope!" I overpowered her grip, stood up, and, before she could stand in front of the door again, I slipped out the door. She came out in disbelief and I took off fearing they'd try to call police and pin me with a fake charge to shut me up about what happened in the room. IF only I had pushed record on my phone or had a hidden camera I could have taken down Hampson English in a snap. This all happened 2013. If I knew about this forum back then, I would have been a regular.

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    Re: TEFL Teacher Scam Alert - Hampson English in Beijing, China - RUN!

    New militaty scam to marry military.

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