Who else agrees with this...
From what I've found, personal training is for boneheads because you are paying big bucks for someone to tell you stuff that's common sense.

You can go online and find tons of information, tons of youtube videos with thorough detail on every exercise ever invented...What the HECK do you need a trainer for?

It seems to me that these "clients" are autistic and can't use their brains. Can't think. They need to pay someone to jump in their brain and control their moves like a robot. When, all they had to do was just go online. It's silly.

The advice they give you, and the "meal plans" they give you, is stuff that you could have found within 5 minutes of searching online. So it's a total scam if you ask me.

These people get paid $30-60 per hour to stand near you and give you a couple of simple commands...Ridiculous.