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    HSBC Promotion Scam

    From: info.online@business-hsbc.com < info.online@business-hsbc.com>
    Sent: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 3:06 AM
    Subject: Attention:
    97 Bute Street, Cardiff Bay CF10 5PB, United Kingdom

    Email: info.online@business-hsbc.com
    Tel #: (+44) 703 192 8803
    8.00AM - 5.00PM (Mondays-Fridays) 9:00AM - 4:00PM (Saturdays)
    Date: 02-05-2017.

    Attention: , 10:02 AM

    Compliment of the day to you from HSBC Bank Plc. United Kingdom. Britain finest and concise online banking institution with a global perspective. Our unique service trend in the European and world market speaks volume of how keen we hold our greatest assets (customers) in high regards. Our affiliation with the Santander group makes us a leading financial stronghold. There are a whole lot of services and products that we offer which in the long run is a far higher edge than our contemporaries in the financial market, this is why even in the face of the current financial distress pervading world market we are way ahead and still waxing stronger in financial circles.

    We wish to express our deepest condolence over the tragic incidence of your relative and our esteemed customer Mr. Hussain A. Al-Naser. Our Esteemed Customer Late Mr. Hussain A. Al-Naser account had quite a huge closing balance with a high interest gained overtime, but those information will be given to you after you have satisfied our requirements.

    In accordance with the United Kingdom Financial Service Authority Regulations (FSAR) for large account clearance and International cash transfer, beneficiaries of funds are employ the services of an Intermediary/Offshore bank account here in united kingdom that will be responsible for transferring your funds for effective funds wire transfer from your new account with our bank to your personal local bank account in your country same day. As soon as you meet up to our corporate policy, you will have your account setup. Please be informed that setting up of an online account with us is a simple exercise that involves simple steps, which you will have to choose the type of account you want to open from the options below.

    1. CURRENT ONLINE OFFSHORE ACCOUNT: This type of account requires an initial deposit of 4,250.00 GBP equivalent to 5,492.29 (Five Thousand Four Hundred and ninety-Two Dollars) and has the facilities and privileges adequate to handle a maximum transfer of $15,000,000.00 USD within one month.

    2. PLATINUM ONLINE OFFSHORE ACCOUNT: This type of account requires an initial deposit 6,250.00 GBP equivalent to 8,076.19 USD (Eight Thousand And Seventy Six Dollars) and has the facilities and privileges adequate to handle a maximum transfer of $30,000,000.00 USD within one month.

    Note: Your funds in question is protected by a hardcover insurance policy, which makes it impossible to deduct any amount from the money before it has been remitted to you. This means that the above charge cannot be deducted from the funds and hence must be provided by you before your amount can be transferred to you. This is in accordance with section 13(1) (n) of the National Gambling Act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This is to protect and to avoid misappropriation of funds'. I hope all of this is clearly understood?

    Please note that this amount is refundable upon request if you decide to close your account. As soon as your account is set up, you will have an account number and and access code with which you can access your account through our online facilities.

    Subject to your acceptance to the above stated clarification, you are advised to feel free with your choice as I expect you to get back to me so as to enable me avail you the comprehensive details and requirement for the our “Non residential Premium Account”

    Mr. Alex Lupis
    Relationship Management| International Remittance Department HSBC Holdings
    Foreign Account Department/General Ledger Department (GLD)

    From: Hou < houweidong099@126.com>
    Sent: Monday, May 1, 2017 12:45 AM
    Subject: Re:Re: Re:Re: Hello ??+

    Dear Partner,

    Thanks my good friend for giving me the opportunity to respond to your your last correspondence. While some of the stories you know are true, some others are far from it. People actually transfer funds out of here.

    How else do you think past office accessories become rich after office? How come the same people who have worked in the banking industry in the past, are the same people running big time companies today? It is through shady dealing that they argu themselves more better Standard of living and then are able to propel themselves to seek for political assignment after retiring from the banking industries.

    I am the initiator of this deal and have given you my word which is my bond. I am the one here and an integral part of the banking system. I am not joking in my assessment of this. You know your system while we our our System.

    At this point, I should let you know that this project is highly capital intensive. I know you have to be very careful. I need your total devotion and trust to see this through. I know we have not met before, but I am Very confident that we will be able to establish the necessary trust that we need to execute this project.

    I am doing everything legally required to ensure that the project goes smear. I will need you to send me a scanned copy of any valid identification card with your names on it (Driver's license, International passport or any valid ID card) I want to be Sure that I am transacting with the correct person because the funds in question are huge and I do not want to take any chances.


    I am now in contact with a foreign online bank which you will open an account in your name with after I receive the completed agreement letter.

    The money would be transferred to the account which you will open in the bank for both of us. The reason we are making use of this bank is because my bank and this bank have the same banking telex format and once I transfer the funds out of My bank to this bank, it will only take approximately 8hrs for the funds to hit the account.

    Also I can not do a direct wire transfer of the money to your account in your country as this will take a longer time I mean 3-5 working days for the funds to hit your account and this is not good at all.

    It would protect us from my bank and my Government. I want us to enjoy this money in peace when we ended. So you should listen to my instructions and follow them religiously. Also you have to know that I can not transfer this money in my name As my bank will be aware that it is from me. This is where I need you

    As result of this, you are to take care of the cost of opening an offshore account with the corresponding bank, I will be provided to you in my next email.

    I will start all legal preparation of document in your name with the help of my Barrister, It will be issued in your name as the next of kin to the funds. This will make you the bonafide owner of the funds.

    After this, the money will be banked online for both of us. We can then transfer our sections into our respective home bank accounts via the bank secured internet online banking.

    The secure aspect of this is that none of us need be present physical in the offshore bank before an account can be opened as this can be done right from your home. I will also perfect the documentations with the assistance of my attorney to give the transaction The legal right

    My friend you can also reach me on my private network ( +85258081957 ).

    Please for now do fill your name in the doted space below and return the agreement letter so we can move to the next step of this transaction. I shall be sent along side my identity.

    The Terms of this Agreement are as follows:

    1. I Mr. HOU Weidong will not ask you to send me your account information or credit card information.

    2. I Mr. HOU Weidong will pay all the attorney fees and the cost of transfers the money from my bank to the offshore account including taxes.

    3. All expenses incurred by Mr. HOU Weidong and ................................ for the purpose Of this transaction will be reimbursed first thing the sharing takes place.

    4. I will be responsible for the cost of setting up the offshore account.

    5. I .................................... will not abscond with the total money after the Transfer of the funds

    If you feel you can not continue, please notify me so i can find someone else.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


    Hou Weidong

    From: Hou < houweidong099@126.com>
    Sent: Monday, May 1, 2017 9:02 AM
    Subject: CONTACT BANK


    Thanks for your response to my email. I have just received your email along with the completed agreement letter and it has been sent to my attorney. I am doing everything legally required to ensure that the project goes smoothly.

    My attorney is now processing the original Certificate Of Deposit document in your name and will be sent to me which i will be forwarding to you as soon as its out. It will bear your names as the next of kin to the funds. I have also obtained the Asian Money Laundering and Anti Terrorist Documents. I will be taking care of the expenses on my side but it is necessary for me to let you know that you will be required to take care of the cost of opening the account and having the account activated. The reason I am telling you this is because if we transfer the money from here to your account when it is not active the transfer will bounce back hence the money will return to its source which is my bank, I do not want these complications.

    However, I want you to know that before sharing the funds in the agreed ratio, we shall first deduct whatever amount that we have spent to bring this transaction to a successful end.

    I am sending you the information of the bank so you can make inquiries on Offshore Basic account. The reason we are making use of this bank is because this is the only bank that has the same banking coordinates with my bank here in Hong Kong. Hence once funds are transferred to the bank, it will take only 10hrs for the funds to enter the account. Using other banks will take about 3-5 working days and sometimes One whole week. Also the transfer will not attract Monetary bodies, as the transfer will be seen as in-house ( Same telex type and banking coordinates with my Bank). You can then transfer the funds in safe bits to your main account for both of us. Find below the Bank contact details. Send them an email at once informing them that you want to open an Offshore Account.

    Contact Name: Mr. Alex Lupis
    Relationship Management| International Remittance Department HSBC BANK
    Foreign Account Department/General Ledger Department (GLD)
    97 Bute Street, Cardiff Bay CF10 5PB, United Kingdom


    Mobile +447024082941

    8.00AM - 4.00PM (Mondays-Fridays) 9:00AM - 4:00PM (Saturdays)

    Please do contact the bank via the above email immediately you receive this email and apply for an offshore on line account. Have the account opened immediately and send me the complete account details so that I can transfer the funds out of my bank into the account you opened. Once this deal is over, I will relocate to your country so that we can split the funds in agreed ration.

    Mr Hou Weidong

    From: Hou < houweidong099@126.com>
    Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2017 11:35 PM
    Subject: Re:Re: Hello ??+

    From Mr. Hou Weidong
    Bank of Communications Hong Kong
    Dear Friend,

    I am Mr. Hou Weidong, Chief information officer, Bank of Communications. I received your response to my brief message, and I wish to apologize for any inconveniences. I am getting in touch with you regarding the estate of a deceased client with an investment placed under our banks management 10 years ago.

    I would respectfully request that you keep the contents of this mail confidential and respect the integrity of the information you come by as a result of this mail. I contact you independently and no one is informed of this communication. In 2005, the subject matter, Mr. Hussain A. Al-Naser made a deposit of Forty Five Million, Two Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand Dollars ($45,275,000.00) only in my branch, a number of notices were sent to him two years later for not operating the account and we later discovered that Mr. Hussain A. Al-Naser had died in a plane crash.

    The good thing is that late Hussain A. Al-Naser did not declare any next of kin in his official papers including the paper work of his bank deposit. What bothers me most is according to the laws of my country at the expiration of 10 years the funds will be revert to the ownership of the Hong Kong Government if nobody comes for the funds, Against this scenery, I have all the information needed to claim these funds and I want you to act as the next of kin to the deposit since you have the same last name as his. There is no risk involved in this matter as I hold the key to the funds and we are going to adopt a legitimate method as I will have all paper works to make you the next of kin to the funds when you provide your correct details. I want you to know that you will be entitled to 40% of the entire funds while I get 60% as the originator of the deal. Get back to me for more information.

    Please provide me the following details below at once so that I can arrange the necessary paper works in your names and send you copies.

    1. Your Full names
    2. Complete Address:
    3. Telephone Number:
    4. Age:
    5. Sex:
    6. Occupation:



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