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    Is North Korea Set To Launch?

    Eight years of U.S. and U.N. diplomatic maneuvering during President Barack Obama’s tenure has left North Korea increasingly isolated. But it has still utterly failed to achieve the primary goal of curbing the country’s nuclear weapons and missile program. North Korea has detonated five nuclear weapons in underground tests since 2006 — four while Obama was in office — and conducted a flurry of missile launches for its growing missile arsenal. U.S. intelligence officers believe it is only a matter of time before the regime builds a nuclear-tipped intercontinental missile capable of striking the United States.
    So, while Barry has spent the last 8 years standing around scratching his nuts, NORKOR has become a formidable nuclear threat to the US - and the world.

    Another fine mess Barry has left for Trump to clean up.

    Thank God there's finally someone in charge that has the will to stand up to Kim Jong-un .

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    Re: Is North Korea Set To Launch?

    When I voted for trump this was my biggest worry because. When you get 2 hotheads anything is predictable. It's scary times now

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