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I visited the ER at ******* hospital on 12/**/2016 due to strep throat. I was in the hospital for a total of about 2 hours and received probably about a maximum of 30 minutes of care from one of their Nurses. They billed me 283.00 dollars. I estimated this comes out to about... $566.00 dollars an hour for such a simple diagnosis as strep throat. The hospital has not even billed me yet. I thought I was being reasonable and offered to pay 50 percent of that total amount.

I know that medicaid or a health insurance company would only pay about 100 dollars for this visit. I had no health insurance at the time due to transitioning to another job. They were willing to come down very little in price. I believe their idea is either pay, or we will send this to collections and hurt your credit score. Also, they ended up selling my bill to a collection agency. I was on a pay plan. Luckily I caught it in time before my credit got hit. These people are truly awful. I truly believe they did this in retaliation of filing a complaint to the BBB. They have an "F" grade with them by the way.