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Thread: PLC - Rip Off!

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    PLC - Rip Off!

    I just got in the mail today a flyer entitled The New Fast Cash Generator by PLC, 4902 Carlisle Pike #416, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. I called their telephone number and a guy named Gabe told me about the program. He sounded retarded. He was definitely ignorant about how MLM really works, so then I asked him about his print and mail, yer he couldn't send me a sample, nor have I ever seen one mailing from this douchebag. Considering he couldn't tell me the current price for 3rd class mailings, I am going to safely assume he isn't mailing out anything to begin with. After doing a telephone search, this is the name that came up: Arnaldo Torrent

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    S 100 Filbert St, APT F2
    Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

    The address he uses above is a UPS STORE and the apartment complex he lives in I viewed on google earth. This guy is definitely ripping people off. Anybody know anything about him so I can file a complaint with the local Postal Inspectors. We'll put this dickhead out of business quick enough!

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    Re: PLC - Rip Off!

    I think his name is Arnold Torrent. He use to run a scam with some asshole out of New York maybe 10-15 years ago. He's a total rip off. Everything he does is designed to rip you off! i think he goes under the name of Gabe now. He's a ing loser!

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