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1. The envelope contains 1 piece of $$2,680 check, you are expected to promptly take the check to your bank and deposit the check in your account, funds will be available to you immediately or within 24 hours.
2. Once you have the funds you should firstly deduct your $300 job compensation and then split the balance into two and proceed to your closest Walmart store for the secret survey. At the Walmart money center make a transfer of $1,170 using Money gram 10 minutes’ money transfer to Ray Looper and deduct the transfer fee from the $1,190.
3. Proceed with the other half of the balance to another Walmart store and make a transfer of $1,190 using Walmart to Walmart money transfer to David Gate. Walmart to Walmart transfer fee should be deducted from the $1,190

Below are the receiver’s details for the transfer transactions.
Name: Ray Looper
City: Houston
State: Texas
Zip Code: 77024

Second Receiver Info
Name: David Gate
City: Austin
State: Texas
Zip Code: 78758

(1) On your arrival at Walmart did you undergo any challenges locating the Money gram corner in the store? (2) How was the Customer service professionalism at the stores? (3) How fast and Efficient was the Money gram Service in having the funds sent (4) Did any of the staff try to discourage you from making the transfer? (5) Information that you think would be helpful

Once you complete the transfer transaction you should immediately email us with necessary information to retrieve the funds.
(1) Name and Address of Sender (2) Reference Confirmation Number for each transaction (3) Each Final Amount Sent.

Once the funds are received we will then call you from the office to ask you simple questions about the secret survey.
Please ensure you send us an email immediately you receive this instruction and proceed immediately to complete this assignment. Prompt completion of this first assignment will earn you a permanent position with us and you will be given different survey assignment with your $300 pay weekly. Send a message to acknowledge you received this email and please ensure you send me an email soon as you receive the mail with the check.

James Spencer
Quick Surveys Firm
[email protected]

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Dear Shopper,

We received your information in time and we congratulate you as a new member of our working team. As a mystery shopper you are responsible for gathering information, giving ideas, and improving brand standards of products and services. You have been selected to conduct an all expense paid survey and evaluation in your area. As our mystery shopper posing as a regular customer, you are expected to perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product or using a service. You will secretly evaluate level of customer service, store cleanliness and quality of service rendered. You would have to keep a comprehensive report on every survey activity you carry out. You will be paid $360 upfront as your compensation for each of our all expense paid survey assignment weekly.

Some of the simple questions in your shopper's report will be:
• Were the employees friendly and courteous?
• Did you receive prompt service?
• Was the merchandise displayed neatly?
• Would you return to this store / restaurant?
• Was it easy to use the service?

The answers to these kinds of questions are extremely valuable to any business - and they are willing to pay top dollar to find out what consumers really think. You will be providing important information that will be used to improve the quality of businesses everywhere.

You have now been assigned to conduct a survey at Walmart and a Money gram location in your area. A certified cashier's check will be sent and addressed to you which you will use to conduct this survey. Take the check to your bank and deposit the check for cash then deduct your own $360 job compensation from the funds and the balance will be used to conduct the survey. Further instructions you will need will be sent once you receive our funds for this survey.

No commitment, membership fee, special skills are not required for this assignment. Your survey packet which includes funds for the shopping will be mailed to you soon. Confirm in writing your readiness to complete your first assignment and reconfirm your information by filling the form below as it should be addressed on the cashier's check to include your cell number.

Full Name :
Full Physical Address with Apt no :
City :
State :
Zip code :
Cell and Home # :
Current Occupation:

Please, confirm that you did received this message so we can process funds that would be sent to you for this assignment.

Best Regards

James Spencer
Quick Surveys Firm
[email protected]
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