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    clicksor this site just scammed 40$

    clicksor this site just scammed 40$,they refilled the campaign without i noticed,claimed i did set that.but after i logged in their site,i clicked into campaign,there is no place to set that.what a shame.help me,please.

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    Re: clicksor this site just scammed 40$

    Hi Lichen,

    I have asked my colleague Laura regarding to your case. I believe she has already explained to you about auto fill feature.

    Laura sent you the action log that ip: set the auto fill to $5 at 12-03-2017 7:39:49 AM. Also, she made the screenshot where auto fill is.

    We are glad to keep communication in order to resolve the problem.

    In case you did not receive her reply. I attach your whole email conversation to you.

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