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    Beware of Laowai Career Center Targeting Gmail, Skype, & We Chat Users with China job scam


    The email subject lines vary but typically say "If you can read and speak fluent English you can earn 15,000 a month in China." or "We need to confirm your job interview on Skype next Tuesday morning" They deliberately leave out the $ sign to mislead you to believe it was a typo when they really mean renminbi or Chinese yuan. Anyway, they have an attachment and links that if you open it, and complete the form, gives them access to your computer. At this point they sell the access information to identity thieves and continue their job offer ruse to work or intern abroad. Here is one variation of the same scam. http://scam-detector.com/article/bew...s-from-friends

    Whether you decide to pursue the fake jobs offered to you or not, over the next week, they will ask you for an updated resume and Skype contact, and then if you ever catch on to the scam, and tell them to buzz off they will sell your resume to resume brokers, and your we chat handle to dozens of marketers selling MLM scams, travel packages, TEFL courses, porn, language books & DVDs, etc. The calls, email spam, and text messages will soon accumulate to about 30 a day and become so annoying you end up changing all your contact info!

    Because they have a convincing website with great fake testimonials and reviews, most people will believe them when they say "We do the HR screening for IBM, HP, Reuters, Intel, Microsoft and 97 other Fortune 500 companies operating in China" and "Although we do not make the actual hiring decisions, our recommendations of candidates are accepted more than 85% of the time". They sell this overseas career dream with a realistic passion and I guess people believe it because they want to.

    If you are dumb enough to follow through on the phony job offer here is what you can expect... http://abroadreviews.com/psa-fraud-w...they-lie-cheat Emails come from various addresses like [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] and they obviously are using some email spoofing software to get headers that look legit and conceal their transit trail. So far over 300 people have reported getting these emails focusing on gmail users at this time to China Scam Watch, so it looks like this phishing expedition just started.

    One way or another, if they get you to take the unsolicited email or we chat,or Skype call bait, they will make money from your computer data, resume sale, personal data, up-front application/processing fee, or a bait and switch job. This appears to be a full spectrum scam that cannot be stopped because they are based in China. You can find a lot more about them at scam.com and they appear to part of an organized Russian crime ring that operates 4 other very similar China-based scams identified at realscam.com Beware and learn from this brilliant scam that is so well-camoflaged.
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    Re: Beware of Laowai Career Center Targeting Gmail, Skype, & We Chat Users with China job

    They already have their hacker busy deleting all the negative comments online like those below I got from cache. Here is one they missed http://www.howtoreportscams.com/curr...nter-and-gi2c/.

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    Re: Beware of Laowai Career Center Targeting Gmail, Skype, & We Chat Users with China job

    I see they have adopted the wolf in sheep's clothes as their new logo. I like it. They have finally decided to be honest with people...
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    Re: Beware of Laowai Career Center Targeting Gmail, Skype, & We Chat Users with China job

    This was forwarded to me by "Zach" who did not want his work ISP connected to this website since it would be found as a "personal business link" which is prohibited at his job and the poor guy would actually get fined $100. Anyway, he submitted this as more hacked links...


    Also, Kyle H. an education major at a university in the UK confirms that the student unions in the UK are now actively warming students of the Laowai Career Center amd Gi2c scamsand providing them these links http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/if-lao...mple-questions and http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral. Now if we could only get American, Canadian, and Australan universities to do the same we can pull the plug on this scam machine - at least until they create another new identity! BTW... here is some more related information; http://www.realscam.com/f51/scam-ale...53/#post113629
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