Dinesh Paliwal is not to be trusted. I reached out to him by his attorneys since I was told not to contact him directly. I wrote a very courteous letter how his company had caused me huge damages, in the range of approximately 500 thousand dollars.
Did Dinesh care? Of course not! Did his lawyers care? Of course not! Quiet as they can be.
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While I have incurred large damages. Mr. Dinesh Paliwal is collecting his salary + restricted stock awards of over 6 million annually. Oh and while he collects that, he doesn't care to even call the customers his company screws over by the magnitude of approx half a million.
Now you tell me - would you trust Dinesh Paliwal or do business with him?
In my opinion, RUN FROM DINESH. COMPLETE SCAM OPERATION AT AMX and HARMAN. And it's starting to get exposed.
Here is more information on others that lead this scam operation:
Kevin Morrison, AMX: ripoffreport.com/reports/kevin-morrison-amx-vp-ignores-client-after-taking-money/nationwide/kevin-morrison-amx-vp-ignores-client-after-taking-money-amx-ignores-client-after-selling-1355390
Adam Gershon, AMX: ripoffreport.com/reports/adam-gershon-amx/nationwide/adam-gershon-amx-screws-customers-and-lies-to-his-customers-dallas-texas-1354708
Bob Beckett, AMX: ripoffreport.com/reports/amx-bob-beckett/nationwide/bob-beckett-amx-employee-screws-customers-with-false-promises-dallas-texas-1354426
Rashid Skaf, AMX: ripoffreport.com/reports/rashid-skaf-amx/nationwide/rashid-skaf-amx-ceo-misleads-customers-dallas-nationwide-1355016