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    Fraud Alert: Santa Fe Relocation Services

    Company: Santa Fe Relocation Services
    Crimes: Robbery & Forgery

    When I was living in Thailand the company Santa Fe Relocation Services moved my personal possessions from Toronto, Canada to Bangkok, Thailand. I paid Santa Fe USD 3,500 for my move, which included insurance coverage, moving materials and all shipping costs. I corresponded with Alex Napier, who was the International Sales and Marketing Manager for Santa Fe in Bangkok at that time. Mr. Napier assured me that my move from Toronto to Bangkok would be done professionally. So I signed and agreed to move my things with Santa Fe. What happened afterwards turned out to be a nightmare.

    First, Santa Fe forged my signature on their shipping release form. I did not sign this release stating that my goods were fully delivered and in good condition. Their driver just handed me an envelope with the forged release inside when their truck arrived at my place. I didn't realize what was happening at the time. So I didn't suspect anything.
    When Santa Fe unloaded their truck and delivered my goods inside my residence, many of my personal possessions were missing! I realized at that moment I was robbed!

    Stolen items included all my jewelry, my stereo system, my 53" projector TV, my custom glass shelves as well as several other things. I am just naming a few here. In total, damages amounted to at least USD 45,000. This is a conservative estimate.

    I made a complaint with the Thai Police. They did nothing! They told me my case was civil, not criminal. No further explanation was given. I had insurance with Santa Fe. The police told me to contact a lawyer. That was all they had to say. If this case was not criminal, then what is?

    I hired a lawyer in Bangkok who turned out to be a con. I ended up paying him 10,000 Thai Baht. He did absolutely nothing! So I hired a second attorney. He was no different. He also turned out to be a bum. Nothing was done. This all happened in Thailand. I pursued this case for about 2 1/2 years with no justice, no resolution.

    I am sharing my experience with the public to warn people about Santa Fe Relocation Services. Their slogan is "We Make it Easy". That is total B.S.

    I thought Santa Fe would be good because they are a large firm with many offices worldwide. How wrong I was! Do not be mislead by there shiny exterior. They are rotten inside, believe me!

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    Re: Fraud Alert: Santa Fe Relocation Services

    thanks for the information but all I can say is that you should have contacted a large well known firm like North American ( they have Canadian offices) or Atlas , Mayflower, Allied, etc.. also things of value like jewelry or one of a kind documents should never be trusted to movers. they are best kept with you in your personal luggage. sometimes also better than movers is to ship things by Air Freight or Postal system with insurance ( e.g. a 50 inch TV) that may require a street address but with Postal system you can ship to General Delivery in most large cites and pick it up later. so never be so trusting of movers use them for household items only. sometimes it is also better to buy new items at the new location rather than ship it by movers. the cost works out to be the same. all told your losses may be tax deductible. I am sorry for you but when Moving contact the large firms, get the insurance but for some things buying new is better. shipping by Postal mail or Air Freight ( e.g. UPS, FEDEX, DHL International ) is also a better option

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