From: Andrew Beck < [email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 10:32 AM
Subject: Good Morning

Good Morning,

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Re : TheSecret-Shopper/Customer Satisfaction Survey Job.

Thank you for signing up for thesecretshopper/customer satisfaction survey. The contact-form you filled as been received and processed, you have therefore been selected as a mystery shopper!

Your duty is to evaluate a specific financial institution retail outlet, supermarket or a restaurant, depending on where you are instructed to visit. You will visit them as a regular customer patronizing them after which you will study their customer relationship attitude with the purpose of reporting to us (Feedback).

Be informed therefore, that funds to conduct this customer satisfaction survey would be sent to you via USPS Postal Service with detailed instructions enclosed in the mail delivery package. You will be required to watch-out for the delivery of the package in the next few days by checking your mail-box everyday.

Your compensation/salary for this job is weekly and you will be paid before commencement of task. They should not know you are taking a survey or studying their relationship towards customers.

This survey is easy to conduct as guideline and instructions would be provided. The survey is aimed at checking activities of customer service for under performance and making recommendations to our clients on how best to serve their customers for a true customer-satisfaction with the overall aim of increased sales and profit.

Kindly reply this communication to confirm your intention to proceed so that i can provide you with further details. I will also be sending you text message too.

Sincerely ,