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    South Point Hotel Las Vegas

    We had our Delta flight canceled at the decided to set us up here for 3 days until the next flight out. My wife was in jeopardy of losing her job, my daughter was home alone, my medication was running out and could not be re-perscribed. Day 2 we got locked out of our room. They told us Delta had not sent the room comp for the next day. They then refused to wait and charged us for another night which we had no choice but to pay. They did not make up for it in any way and showed no empathy. This is one of the worst customer service experiences in my life!!!! Even management couldn't help! Do not go here!

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    Re: South Point Hotel Las Vegas

    I feel your pain so much! This hotel is a disaster! I planned a trip to Vegas with my wife for holidays this summer to see her favorite Cirque du Solei provided by https://best-vegas.com/cirque-du-soleil/ and decided we are going to stay at this hotel. The service was below zero, on the second day od our stay when we arrieved back from the show we couldn't get into the room and access our clothes and basically all our things. It took 2 hours to solve the problem, we were high key disappointed. Though the show was amazing, it felt like we wasted the energy on dealing with hotel staff.
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    Re: South Point Hotel Las Vegas

    I was in commandment and in one hotel I caught into one problem. In the hotel, the restaurant had many complaints about already slightly spoiled products. Of course, I complained to the manager, but since I work in this area I treated them with understanding. Itself after all recently changed Commercial refrigerators units at myself

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