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Used Mr, Bright ibe as a receiver name and send money the through western union or money gram office go now to the nearest money gram or western union and send the money and get beck to me with the control number which they will give you. once you send the money wait 48 hours to your home address to receive your funds worth 10.5 million usd .

Receivers Name Mr, Bright ibe

Country Nigeria
City Lagos
Text question when
Text answer today
Amount 1,850

The Atm card will be deliver with the pin code and you will be withdraw $10,000 usd until is complete and the delivery will take 48 hours once the fee is sent

Best Regards,
Mr.Smith Dave.
DHL Senior Delivery Officer.
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DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry. DHL commits its
expertise in international parcel, express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to
its customers.

Respected: Customer.

How are you today? Please can you confirm this to us before we make a
mistake, somebody called our office today with this number
706-925-5616 saying that he is your brother, he said that you died
since 3 days ago and before your sudden death in result of car
accident, you asked him to receive your ATM VISA CARD on your behalf.
He forwarded his address for us to send the ATM VISA CARD direct to

1121 Odena RD S
Sylacauga, AL - Alabama 35150
PH: 706-925-5616

But we are not sure about this. So that is why, we are writing to know
if this is true or not. Regarding the fee $1,850 which you are
supposed to send earlier, for your ATM VISA CARD security keeping
fees, We tried letting him know of the required fee he said that i
should give him information to send the $1,850.00 USD so that we can send
the ATM VISA CARD with the pin number to him since you are not alive
Please this ATM VISA CARD is not something we could just make any
silly mistake or sending it to the wrong person because the money is
huge amount of money $15.7 Million USD. So this man is getting us
confusing on what he is saying.

We are sending this mail to you to find out the truth before we make

any mistake. we told the man to give us two days to think about it.
The man said that his name is Mr. Larry Lucas he is from Alabama.

So we sending this message to confirm the truth but if we don't hear from
you in the next two days we will collect the $1,850.00 from him and hand
over everything to him.

Best Regards,
Mr.Smith Dave.
DHL Senior Delivery Officer.