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    anchor your assets lease guaranty scam- bait and switch

    anchor your assets lease guaranty that goes by anchoryourassets.com anchoryourassetsinc also and jasper usa, inc. advertises that you get an apartment approval without "paying a dime" upfront right on their webiste, front and center.- they also say this on their youtube video and everywhere they advertise.

    when you apply and get ready to use their service you are told by a kevin jackson that it costs $497 up front to start the service- without any approval like they advertise on their webiste.

    i googled their address online and this company has no real office and is located at a PO box in New York purchased from earthclassmail virtual po box...

    there is no telling where these scam-artists are really located... they say they are at this 'office' but the PO box company confirmed there are no real offices at this location and only a 'virtual PO box'...

    here's their ad they run online which tricks the customers

    Need Lease Guarantor? - $3K/Month Min Income
    Ad www.ancnoryourassetsinc.com

    Fee Only f Approved For Your Lease! Need Verifiable Income and Pass Background 100% Money Back Guarantee Guaranteed Approval No Risk

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    Re: anchor your assets lease guaranty scam- bait and switch

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