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    Do you need a loan?

    from: Scott Jacob < [email protected]>
    reply-to: [email protected]
    date: Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 2:09 PM
    subject: Do you need a loan? Apply now @ 3% with application amount of $ 5k and above, email us at: [email protected]

    Do you need a loan? Apply now @ 3% with application amount of $ 5k and above, email us at: unitedloaninvestment@outlook.com
    from: jacob scott< [email protected]>
    to: <>
    date: Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 3:28 PM

    EMail:[email protected]outlook.com
    Country: United States.
    Address : 201 waterland, Newyork City,
    Telephone : +12295161447


    In confirmation of the receipt of your last e-mail and on
    Name this loan company, I would like to inform you that receipt
    Your filled loan application form; We are ready to offer your
    requested loan amount. But to do that, you are strictly
    adhere to our credit policies and be in acceptance of our loans
    Terms and repayment schedule before we can proceed
    Further correspondence regarding your loan process.

    Below are the loan terms and conditions that must be adhered to,
    strictly before further transactions are included.


    I need to make sure that you understand the terms of this loan, you are
    to secure a loan from us, before we proceed with the
    Processing of the loan.

    Should the borrower in the amount of 3% to repay: 1st time
    Redeem rate within the agreed period (4 years ) by DM

    2. We partially or lump sum not accept payment if it is in
    with the right to prematurely repay the loan in accordance
    the Consumer Credit Act 1974th

    3. Your loan application that already has conditional approval may
    be fully approved within a period of 24 hours of your agreement with our
    Credit terms, condition and repayment schedule.

    4.Required Age: The borrower must age at least 18 years. and everybody

    5. borrower will send a scan copy of his / her identity card or passport.
    Age under 18 will be disqualified.

    Calculation of credit conditions

    Loan Balance: 120,000.00
    Loan Interest Rate:3.00%
    Loan Term: 4 years
    Monthly Loan Payment: 2,656.12
    Number of Payments:48
    Cumulative Payments: 127,493.72
    Total Interest Paid: 7,493.72

    Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 47 payments of 2,656.12 plus a final payment of 2,656.08.

    The loans are transferred to you, depending on your early reply.
    I'll have to get back to us as soon as possible stating your
    Agreement or not the loan terms, conditions and repayment schedule
    so we can go to the signing of the loan agreement document
    and the transfer of the loan to about rapid transfer.

    After receiving your next e-mail stating your agreement to our credit terms
    and conditions, we will send you the loan contract agreement, where
    You will find an authorized signature by the "CEO" of Mr.Scott Jacob
    Finance Loan 'and you will be required also to read and sign the
    will secure the two of us against any form of violation of
    Rules of this loan process guarded.

    is your quick response to my e-mail will be highly appreciated, stating
    if you. in accordance with the loan terms or not
    God bless and have a nice day, as we wait for your reply to this email.

    Warmest Regards,

    Scott Jacob
    from: jacob scott< [email protected]>
    to: <>
    date: Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 4:57 PM


    We got your mail and this sound as if you are playing a prank but still you will need to get your identity card scanned to us for identification and also you will be sign a loan agreement contract as as the payment is confirmed and intact.

    Hope yo are okay now health wise? Pray for you to be well soon okay, I just called you on the phone not to long regarding the document to be signed, Please sign the document because i will need to send it to the security department which are receiving the fee in accurate transfer of yours to commence, Understand that you will use the our financial secretary's details below:

    Name: Randes Thompson
    State: Detroit,Michigan
    Country: United States
    Amount: 290 GBP
    Mode of Payment: Western Union

    Note that you will have to send the following details and along with the scanned copy of the payment for confirmation:

    1. When are you sending the payment?2. How do you intend to payment back a loan of 120,000 GBP in 4 years with your monthly income?
    3. How serious are you with this application( state reasons and facts below)
    4. You will send a scan copy of your international passport is needed.5. How old are you?

    M.T.C.N Number:
    Sender's Name:
    Text Question: Who own the World?
    Text Answer: Almighty.

    You will need to do this fast in order for the transaction to be completed. Thanks for your understanding.

    Scott Jacob.

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    Re: Do you need a loan?

    There are a lot of people who take loans and many of them don't think about the consequences. They choose doubtfull services and then become debtors. I don't like this script! I prefer to deal with finances using this https://cashcat.ph/cash-loans-on-car...al-in-caloocan

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    Re: Do you need a loan?

    Your suggestion looks and sounds good. Thanks! I think the first thing people want to know when getting a loan is the sum of money they will have to pay every month to be sure they can afford it. Here a loan payments calculator comes in handy. I personally used one on https://maybeloan.com/calculators/lo...nts-calculator and easily figured everything out.

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