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    Avoid Scam Ads at thebeijinger.com for China ESL & TEFL foreign teacher jobs

    Many people have learned this lesson the hard way. They trust job ads if they are posted at expat websites that are owned by foreigners. Money talks people and the Beijinger management accepts money from anyone, including people selling illegal ivory, blacklisted agents and recruiters, as well as known identity thieves. In fact one girl who used to work at the beijinger in advertising sales, was recorded by China Scam Patrol saying stuff to a CSP caller pretending to be a manager with known Scammer Helen Chen (Hangzhou Helen) that if she would buy a 1 year advertising contract for display ads, her boss would agree to delete all the "negative comments and complaints about your companies in the forum section". This is sort of extortion in reverse.

    The beijinger is also famous for smearing people who expose their scam clients, and resorts to heavy censorship to keep those people from replying to the smears, either by blocking their user account or even creating one in their name and letting the fabricated user admit they are only a "disgruntled employee" and wrongfully made accusations against the advertisers. They will resort to any such tactic to ensure the money flow from advertisers does not stop.

    So anyone looking for a job in China should not trust the job ads at thebeijinger.com nor the job ads at echinacities.com which has an even worse track record http://chinascamwatch.wordpress.com. The dangers of following up on a beijinger job ad could be only that you end up working for a blacklisted school that cheats you every payday or even worse... http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/fraud-...lying-teaching. Remember to use the many China white and blacklists when considering any employment, program, or internship in China which is a virtual minefield of scams. A good starting point are these two links if you cannot find your company mentioned here at scam.com: http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral and http://chinascamwatch.org.

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    Re: Avoid Scam Ads at thebeijinger.com for China ESL & TEFL foreign teacher jobs

    Here is the real danger of looking for jobs at thebeijinger.com;

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