This is a check printing scam/pay roll scam. The checks you print will be counterfeit.

Ben Rabin <>

Today, 9:40 AMYou (


We have a new job opening; A dispatcher job. where you can earn a minimum of $250 per week by mailing out envelopes. If interested in proceed to answering the questionnaire below.

Kindly fill the questionnaire below to identify gaps and the level of training you need:

1. Do you have a printer along with your computer?(If yes, is it ink-jet or laser printer)

2. Do you have a car?

3. How many hours in a day can/do you want to work for?

4. Do you stay alone? If not tell me about your living situation.

5. When will you like to start your training? Note that we are ready when you are.

6. Will you like to receive salary bi-weekly or monthly?

7. Do you have a working cell phone number and home number? What are the numbers?

8. Do you have a Skype account?

9. How many Post Office do you have near you?

No signup or upfront fees is required

Reply promptly.

NB: Kindly discard if you have no interest in this offer.