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    Shakespearean Leicester FC will be very last european football champion at Cardiff, Wales

    From Feb 26, 2017. Transcript from Telegraph's article of Mar 13, 2017 added to Introduction, signaled in brackets.
    One day later: Leicester finally terminates Sevilla's series of 3 consecutive years winning the Europe's League, entering for the first time the Champions League quarter finals.
    The "match" included a remake of the "oldest trick in the book" to fulfill scripted results, which had its climax as Suarez bites Chiellini at the World Cup 2014: Sevilla's Samir Nasri headbutts Leicester's Jamie Vardy.

    Title from "The Independent", 16 April 2015: Great Shakespeare Actors: Some men and women are merely players.
    Craig Shakespeare at Leicester FC is not a coach but merely a player.
    This article predicts and explains the climax of the script ["the making of Craig Shakespeare, after emerging from the shadows to take centre stage at Leicester", in the Telegraph words]:
    Shakespeare will become the very last coach to win the Champions League, just before the climax of Global Genocide.

    Dec 2015: Last Prophet was the only one worldwide to predict let alone also explain this:
    England: Leicester the very last champion, not only in rugby but also in football.
    Note: Chelsea will be stripped of its title, in a parallel script to the USA, where the Seattle Seahawks will be declared the very last champions, Super Bowl 48 the very last legit final.

    Leicester FC will be very last european football champion at Cardiff, Wales: UNDENIABLE evidence
    Jun 3, 2017 - Leicester will win the Champions League final at the MILLENIUM stadium, just renamed to Principality, an act that includes having its logo morph from all seeing eye to crown(ing stage).
    Note: obvioulsy there will be no final at all if the Illuminati Grand Master will launch the BIG BANG before that date.

    Leicester FC will be the champion: UNDENIABLE evidence
    If you would be aware of what Last Prophet previously exposed then this would be clear the latest Feb 24, 2017:
    "the day that football lost its soul" and yet the answer to "Football's 10 harshest dismissals: where does Claudio Ranieri's sacking feature?" is merely answered with #5.
    7 days later: the man who placed not only Craig Shakespeare on stage but also ANYONE else making global headines FINALLY steps on stage in one of this two identities as english sir, more precisely in plain sight.
    In other words: NOT the identity portrayed in the previously mentioned "Great Shakespeare Actors" article, not #2 but rather #4 in article "14 Legendary Shakespearean Actors".

    Leicester FC will be the VERY LAST champion: UNDENIABLE evidence
    End Times Reductionism: it all resumes to get what in previous section FINALLY means, and this was how it was served: this time not to play Othello but to announce that "he would become a US citizen to fight Trump".

    16 April 2015 - Great Shakespeare Actors: Burbage to Branagh by Stanley Wells, book review: Some men and women are merely players
    March 8, 2016 - 14 Legendary Shakespearean Actors

    24 Feb 2017 - Football's 10 harshest dismissals: where does Claudio Ranieri's sacking feature?
    13 Mar 2017 - The making of Craig Shakespeare - how he emerged from the shadows to take centre stage at Leicester
    The quiet market town of Lichfield might seem an incongruous place to find a Champions League manager, but Craig Shakespeare is no ordinary football coach.
    14 Mar 2017 - How Leicester's 'English' performance stunned Sevilla and why Samir Nasri fell for the oldest trick in the book

    The son of perdition FINALLY steps on stage to pull the curtain
    Adolf Hitler could not yet become the son of perdition:
    Babel was not yet PERFECTLY recreated.
    It was his great nephew who was meant to be "the beast that carrieth the woman".
    No wonder that he scripted his anti-bible role literally accordingly.

    Leicester the very last champion, not only in rugby but also in football: predicted let alone explained worldwide only by one.
    see reply from Mar 7, 2016 11:09 AM, preserved in archive since 3 Aug 2016.
    Note that the other posts in the page explain Global Genocide, including what started in the US in Feb 2017: gassing those deemed illegals.

    All in Blog
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    Glitch in the matrix

    Added May 9, 2017, the day that a poster writes (not worth clicking it): Glitch in Matrix in semi final of champions league

    Last Prophet replies:
    The real glitch was in the quarter-finals, because of a few Atletico players not casted in "Shakespeare's Leicester wins the very last Champions League".
    It had more impact than the World Cup 2014 glitch of brazilian Oscar, scoring a goal against Germany in a script that read 7-0.

    Brazilians virtually slaughtered by Germany, one year after the real slaughter of brazilians by the illuminati at the Santa Maria disco.
    Neymar and two defenders blackmailed to participate.
    All staged by Brazil's treasonous government, nazi agents executing illuminati orders.
    The impossible result: Symbolic score was supposed to be 7-0 with 5-0 at half time and 4 goals in 7 minutes.
    Why the script wasn't exactly fulfilled
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