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    USA LABS DIRECT AND LAB GENIE~ Former owner of Axiom Nutraceuticals

    I used to buy my products from a company called Axiom Nutrceuticals located in Newnan, GA owned by James VanBrocklin. In Janurary 2015 I paid a deposit for a product which I never received. Come to find out the owner shut down the company and started a new company called USA Labs Direct. When I inquired about James I was told this company was owned by a Dr. Hendricks. Oddly enough the same sales person for Axiom works for USA Labs. I followed this company for a few months only to see that it closed down. I did a little research and WOW guess what?? Dr. Hendricks owns a NEW company, this time calling themselves Lab Genie. Even more interesting, the same sales person contacted me about doing business again. I decided to ask for a quote just to see what would happen. The pricing I received was $1.50 per bottle higher than the other companies I inquired from. The reason is Lab Genie doesn't make anything. They buy from other manufacturers and mark up the product.

    I was recently in Anaheim California at a trade show searching out a new facility to make my products when who do I spot? James VanBrocklin and Dr. Hendricks representing Lab Genie.

    These are not manufacturers. These are Liars and Cheaters. Stealing from innocent business owners. BEWARE!!!
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    Re: USA LABS DIRECT AND LAB GENIE~ Former owner of Axiom Nutraceuticals

    Hello Nutralady9,

    I am sorry you experienced this. I too had a similar situation but I was actually contracted with Axiom Nutraceuticals and James VanBrocklin. I earned $35,000 in commissions and was continuously promised to be paid. Axiom, with James' permission started paying me $1000 per week but stopped only after a few short payments. James in a text message promised me that if Axiom couldn't pay me back that he would personally. James closed Axiom, stole its property and gave it to USA Labs Direct. You are correct, after only a few short months USA Labs Direct was closed and a new company Lab Genie opened. Both under the name of Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks who was in fact the medical advisor at Axiom. Even better, James filed personal bankruptcy. He used my hard earned money to buy himself fancy cars, watches and office furniture.

    I am not sure how he sleeps at night.
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    Re: USA LABS DIRECT AND LAB GENIE~ Former owner of Axiom Nutraceuticals

    Please see the attachments confirming that James promised to pay me if Axiom could not.
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    Re: USA LABS DIRECT AND LAB GENIE~ Former owner of Axiom Nutraceuticals

    The parties referenced in this post were parties to litigation which has been settled confidentially. Consistent with the settlement, I have tried to delete my posts under the name "freefighter" but unfortunately the scam.com forum does not allow deletion of the posts. I hereby withdraw all the above statements in their entirety.

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