I;ve received a number of offers from The Lending Tree in the mail. I received a "Pre-Approved" offer from The Lending Tree which did not have any obvious language in the offer that redefined the term "Pre-Approved".

I went to the "myoffer.com:" site indicated on the direct mail offer, and completed/submitted the personal information requested for processing which returned a web page that said "Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your application, We consider a number of factors when evaluating loan* applications. Unfortunately your application was not a match with the stringent credit criteria that we use to determine eligibility."

I have very little credit card debt and a Good-Excellent credit rating, depending on the bureau, have stable employment with a Fortune 100 company and a 6-digit income.

The term "Pre-Approved" is farily clear-
The offer did not have any disclaimers or indicate an application was needed based on pre-qualification criteria.

I can't help but to think the Web Bank (Lending Tree) uses their mail plan as a scheme to collect consumer information online for reasons other than what appear to be legitimate.