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    How to look for and choose the ideal network marketing company

    There are many controversies for the MLM industry, but if you truly have taken a look at its potentials then you cannot say it has no value. It is because the industry is promising that many people turn towards network-marketing and therefore it is that much easier for the companies to take advantage of the market. In this day and age where we worry for the economic state around the world and stability of retirement, there sure is hope in MLM only if you know what to look for.

    Although some may argue otherwise, the purpose of network marketing is not to make quick money. Despite its unpopularity among the general crowd, the main reason most people pursue MLM is to obtain residual income. We all want to establish a system that would allow us to retire and enjoy our lives, free from money and time, but most people lack the resources or talents to create their own system or buy a system. That is where MLM comes in, to ‘supposedly’ allow anyone to reach his or her success.

    If you know the true value of network marketing then you probably know that it can be the solution for many people. It is also inevitable, however, to ask why so many people have failed through MLM. It might be because they pursued their business the wrong way or maybe they gave up before climbing over their tipping point. I would like to say, however, that the biggest reason why most people have failed and why MLM is commonly referred to as ‘Most Lose Money’ is because many companies take and have taken advantage of this ideal system. Among the thousands of MLM companies around the globe that come and go every year, it can be practically impossible to find the ‘ideal’ MLM Company. I personally believe that I have found the right tool for myself and want to let you all know, for your sake not mine, but let’s discuss for a minute what an ideal MLM company is.

    1. First, there MUST be NO FEES. I know some may disagree because the existence of fees makes the business a lot easier. However, this is absolutely a must, especially if you truly want a stable retirement plan – a residual income. There are lot of factors that are affected when fees come in to play, whether it is a registration fee, annual fee, website fee or a monthly purchase requirement. Of course, when there are some sort of fees, it is easier for the business because you can receive referral commissions and it is easier to make sales profit. You must not forget, however, that if there are fees, then you might be forcing yourself or someone else use the product or service offered even if it is not enjoyable. This is something that cannot last for a long time and most importantly, when a business has fees and purchase requirements, your work will never end. Although you have become successful, you have to continue to pay your dues and even worse, your partners’ dues. I have seen many occasions in MLM where the downlines are burdened by the never-ending fees and purchases that they often ask their sponsors for their help. The excess expenditure would position the sponsors back on the starting point, left with nothing much, and if they chose not to help, then the partners would easily leave, taking away the sponsors’ success along with them. It is where you have no fees and requirements that you truly can be set free from money and time.
    2. There MUST be NO DEADLINES or RESET OF POINTS. This coincides with the first point. If the company advertises no purchase requirement but has monthly deadlines, then it is contradicting its point. To avoid losing all the points, you are basically forced to make a purchase. The points should roll over until you receive your commission naturally.
    3. The business you are entering MUST, absolutely MUST, provide DAILY PRODUCTS or ROUTINELY ESSENTIAL SERVICES. If you sell appliances to your customers, you may not hear back from them for the next 10 years and they probably will not contact you when it is time for a new one. You have to sell daily products such as shampoo and toothpaste something that people need to use over and over again or offer services that they need every month.
    4. The products MUST be GOOD AND CHEAP. This is the most common problems that many network marketing companies have. Most products offered by MLM companies are good, yes, but they tend to be expensive. Many people, even the consumers, might think that it is the Law of Nature for the good products to be pricy but it is not necessarily true, especially for daily products. If the products or service is expensive, you may be able to intrigue your consumers into trying it, but you will have to chase them down every month for a repurchase. Of course, the same goes for the cheap quality products and services as well. This is the reason why many companies induce fees and purchase requirements because then the members will force themselves to continue using the products not because they want to.
    5. There MUST be a MAXIMUM LIMIT of INCOME. I bet many will agree with this one but it is always better for the general population if there are 10 people making $100,000 rather than 1 person making $1,000,000. If the people on the top takes unlimited amounts of money, you better prepare yourself for a very long and difficult journey.

    There are more elements that form an ideal network-marketing company but I will stop here because these five are probably the most important ones. I am definitely not a fan of MLM but the tool that I found really seemed to be an ideal company so I could not help but give it a shot. Whichever company you choose to work for, I hope that you make your decision carefully and really weigh all these factors when you research other companies.

    I hope everyone reaches their success and become truly free men and women in this hectic world.

    Good luck,
    Cal Bahk

    PS. I won't include the details about the company that I have found to be worhtwhile, but if you are interested, email me at [email protected]

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    Re: How to look for and choose the ideal network marketing company

    Bob Gwin Sr. and Steve Winkhart are one in the same person. I don't have any proof of this but if they aren't the same person, it's hard to believe that there can be the same two assholes out there in this world of ours. Fuck you!

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