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    The anti-bible v the Bible: Babel again and the son of perdition

    7th kingdom of the Beast, son of perdition: When does he step on stage?

    When did End Times start? During the 7th kingdom of the Beast
    It was prophesized in the Book of Revelation 17:10-11:
    - (is not yet come), after five had already (are) fallen, during the 6th kingdom of the Beast (Rome, is) (Rev 17:10).
    - to share a basic feature of one of the five fallen kingdoms (the beast that was, Babel), a feature not present in the sixth kingdom (the beast that ... is not, Rome).
    The son of perdition would appear at the last days, during a simulated 8th kingdom (Rev 17:11).

    Revelation 17:10-11
    And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
    And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

    The 7th kingdom fulfilled
    Simulation, Babylon again and the son of perdition.

    Simulated reality
    Unlike the other basic feature of the 7th kingdom this one is present from the start, 1789.
    But there's a specific reason for the exact fulfillment of Revelation 17:12, simulating a 8th kingdom, after the fall of the III Reich: the Beast HAD TO make the beasts believe that they would not still be living in the 7th kingdom.

    The anti-bible v the Bible: Babel again and the son of perdition
    1789: the seventh kingdom prophesized in Revelation 17:10-11 is established.
    Adolf Hitler could not yet become the son of perdition: Babel was not yet PERFECTLY recreated.
    It was his great nephew who was meant to be "the beast that carrieth the woman" (Revelation 17:7).
    No wonder that he scripted his anti-bible role literally accordingly.

    March 3, 2017 - Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus: Son of perdition FINALLY steps on stage to pull the curtain

    To get your Age, the End Times, you MUST get the Illuminati Matrix since 1789
    Illuminati World Wars and Illuminati Matrix all basic facts exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt, one of only two members of the Web of Truth.
    In other words: same goes for the Illuminati Web of Disinformation.
    2009 article, last updated Nov 2016
    Illuminati matrix: unchallenged from the start, 1789
    It was established 600 years after the illuminati stepped on stage as "crusaders".
    Not even those who played a KEY role opposing and even defeating the illuminati in major battles were able to recognize AND expose KEY pieces of the matrix, let alone its totality.
    The list of those who could have shaken the illuminati matrix includes: ...

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    the beast that carrieth the woman

    Talk of "the beast that carrieth the woman"
    March 8, 2017 - ‘Day Without a Woman’ strike seeks to continue legacy of massive D.C. march

    Last Prophet's words hours after Trump's inauguration, extended 2 days later with Clinton's tweets after the Women's March

    Suppress protest while advancing other agendas: How totally ignorant you are of illuminati tactics
    It was the same illuminati who marketed the 40,000 attending Trump's inauguration as "nearly one million" who also organized these two acts:
    - the masked police acting as "anarchist protesters", same act served ad nauseum since 2004 by each "protest" covered by illuminati media.
    - the anti-Trump Women's March who will rally millions across the USA tomorrow.

    Women's march after Trump's inauguration - for dummies
    1. The "safety valve" psy-op technique to suppress protest. How effectively it worked: no more mass protests afterwards despite Trump's role as classic bomber pushed to new limits each day
    2. Literally applying the "divide and reign" tactic to suppress protest: keep men out of it.
    3. The "feminist" agenda, part of the destruction of the family agenda, where "divide and conquer" is obviously one of the underlying tactics.
    4. Marketing terminator Clinton, who will be proclaimed the real 44th president after the staged arrests of the two actors casted as "married to a TRANS": "black Obama" and "billionaire Trump".

    Added 2 days later: Clinton (re)tweets the Women's March
    Terminator Hitlery (Hitler's oldest daughter, Merkel's half sister):
    How she reached average rally audiences of 300 during the "head to head" race with Sanders: a group of 200 was always ordered to attend, to prevent the media-only "crowd" that prevents empty rooms in the first place.
    23 Jan 2017 - Clinton (re)tweets a photoshopped image multiplying Trump's crowd and reducing the women's march captioned as:
    "Scrolling through images of the #womensmarch is awe-inspiring. Hope it brought joy to others as it did to me." ...

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    Sacrilege in End Times: the foundation of the illuminati anti-bible

    Sacrilege in End Times: the foundation of the illuminati anti-bible
    So that you don't waste even a minute of your time reading "The Da Vinci Code" this is all you need to know: the reason for the title of its german version.

    The illuminati first stepped on stage as recognizable organization as "crusaders" in 1190: the Ordo Teutonicus, where one of the admission requirements was proof of german nobility for at least four generations.
    Sacrilege is the foundation of the anti-Bible, the book upon which the scripts released by the illuminati are based.

    1. Illuminati and Sacrilege words: Link in plain sight
    Oct 1998, CNN message boards, in particular "Kosovo conflict":
    It was the first global political discusssion in the History of Mankind, heavily censored from the start and where the simple truth was terminated months later.
    Last Prophet authors the very first posts during the Age of End Times Computers REALLY exposing the illuminati (in other words: not posted by the illuminati web of disinfo).
    The simple truth included predicting what everyone else refused to believe: NATO would start a war against serbs based solely on terror, non-stop bombing civilian targets, a full-scale remake of the NATO premiere in Bosnia 1995.
    But above all it included exposing the reason behind it.

    2003 - illuminati have first time their organization's name in the spotlight
    It was the member of their web of disinformation casted as writer Dan Brown who was assigned the leading role for this premiere.
    "Coincidentally" the Da Vinci Code was released in german as Sakrileg (Sacrilege).

    2. Son of perdition: additional lines for perfect sacrilegious fulfillment
    He was described by Revelation almost 2000 years ago.
    As if that was not enough he additionally scripted his role in the anti-bible to literally fit the description.
    Why? Sacrilege, in this case literal mockery, is part of the answer.

    violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred.
    "putting ecclesiastical vestments to secular use was considered sacrilege"
    synonyms: desecration, profanity, profaneness, profanation, blasphemy, impiety, impiousness, sin, irreverence, irreligion, irreligiousness, godlessness, unholiness, disrespect
    "the sacrilege of committing a murder on holy ground"
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