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    Secret shopping email scammer

    From DOUGLAS NASH < [email protected]>
    To <>
    Sent Monday, March 6, 2017 at 3:08 AM

    The payment for your " FIRST SECRET SHOPPING /CUSTOMER SERVICE EVALUATION ASSIGNMENT" was delivered to you by the UNITED STATES PRIORITY MAIL.Kindly make sure you follow instructions and complete the assignment today.

    Get back to us with a reply to show that you are in receipt of this message.

    SHOPPING INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDELINES.BELOW ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS TO FOLLOW AS A SECRET SHOPPER FOR YOUR FIRST ASSIGNMENT,READCAREFULLY FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING AT THE STORES FIRST THING TODO, YOU ARE TO EMAIL US BACK FOR CONFIRMATION {IT IS VERY COMPULSORY BECAUSE WE NEED THECONFIRMATION THAT YOU RECEIVED THE SAID PACKAGE} ON ;{ [email protected] } and{[email protected]}YOU ARE TO ACT LIKE A SECRET SHOPPER WHEN YOU GET TO THE STORES,YOU ARETO KEEP THIS INSTRUCTIONS NOTE INSIDE THE PACKAGE YOU RECEIVED TODAY AT HOME AND GO FORTHE SHOPPING,WRITE OUT THE DETAILS NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT TODAY INSIDE A SMALLPIECE OF PAPER BEFORE GOING FOR THE SHOPPING/EVALUATION AND MAKE SURE YOU ACT LIKE ASECRET SHOPPER WHEN YOU GET TO THE STORES,DON'T ALLOW THEM TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOINGBECAUSE YOU ARE A SECRET SHOPPER.DETAILS:1ST SURVEY: You will be Evaluating any "WALMART STORE" in your city or close to you,cash the cashiers check atyour bank instantly or deposit the cashiers check and wait for the funds to be available not more than 24-48 hours at yourBank and then Go ahead with the Evaluation in your area as soon as you have the funds.Once deposited it is compulsoryand mandatory that you take a picture/scan a copy of the Bank deposit receipt/slip and send to our email so we can beaware you have started your assignment and proceed to the next step.The cashiers check you received covers allexpenditures including shopping and your compensation ($300).You are to purchase items that you normally use in yourhome,these purchases are yours to keep and shouldn't exceed 50$.BELOW ARE THE GUIDELINES TO FOLLOW AT WALMART;{1}How long it took you to get services.{2}Name andSmartness of the staff that attended to you.{3}Customer service professionalism.{4}Information that you think would behelpful.{5}Your comments and impressions.{6}Your personal opinion.2ND SURVEY AT WALMART TO WALMART MONEY TRANSFER & WESTERN-UNION: You will evaluate any walmartmoney transfer store and Western Union Stores in your city by sending $1,660 via Walmart to Walmart and another$1,665 via Western union to our receiving agent in USA to carry out their own survey,by utilizing their "Money in MinutesServices".As you know there are many walmart money transfer and Western union Outlets offering Money transferservices,a lot of customers have reported lapses in Money transfer services for huge funds in some Outlets around theU.S.and other parts of the world.Our need to act is based on reports and complaints which some customers forwardedanonymously and phone calls that were made to our head office.BELOW IS EXPENDITURE BREAK DOWN :MONEY RECEIVED :$3880,COMMISSION /SALARY:$300,WAL-MART PURCHASE:$50,WESTERN UNIONTRANSGER CHARGES:$100,WALMART TO WALMART TRANSFER CHARGES:$100,WESTERN UNION MONEY TOBE TRANSFERRED:$1665,WALMART TRANSFER MONEY TO BE TRANSFERRED:$1665.ENSURE THAT MONEY ISSENT USING THE ( MONEY AVAILABLE IN MINUTES).Agent’s locations were reported for evaluation for the followingreasons;(I)Slow services.(II)Poor services.(III)Rudeness to customers(IV)Excess charges.YOUR EVALUATION FOR THEWALMART TRANSFER AND WESTERN UNION WILL BE ;1)To make a transfer of funds from the Walmart transferservice and Western union location to our agent as outlined above,Funds would be picked up by our agent at the exactlocation which a customer reported his/her funds missing from.2)You will have to record the time at which you got to theWalmart money transfer and Western union Outlet and how many minutes it took you to get the service.3)You will alsoprovide us with the Name of the Walmart money transfer and Western union store you transferred the funds from.BELOWIS THE INFORMATION OF OUR NEXT SHOPPING AGENT WHOM YOU ARE TO SEND THE FUNDS AT WESTERNUNION.FIRST NAME:WAYNE ,LAST NAME: LAURENT, ADDRESS:735 GOLD ST,CITY:MANCHESTER.STATE:NEWHAMPSHIRE.COUNTRY:USA. ZIP CODE:03103.BELOW IS THE INFORMATION OF OUR NEXT SHOPPING AGENTWHOM YOU ARE TO SEND THE FUNDS AT WALMART TRANSFER .FIRST NAME:JONATHAN ,LAST NAME:WESLEY,ADDRESS:735 GOLD ST,CITY:MANCHESTER.STATE:NEW HAMPSHIRE.COUNTRY:USA.ZIPCODE:03103.You are to send the below details as soon as you gotten it done to ([email protected]) and([email protected] ){1}9 DIGITS WALMART REFERENCE #:,{2}10 DIGITS MTCN CONTROL #:,{3}SENDERSNAME AND ADDRESS:{4}TOTAL AMOUNT SENT FOR BOTH WALAMRT MONEY TRANSFER AND WESTERNUNION:DOUGLAS NASH ,HEAD OF RECRUITMENT MYSTERY SHOPPER INC.
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    Re: Secret shopping

    I receive this same thing in the mail. Is it's fraud/scam? What do with content?

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    Re: Secret shopping email scammer

    Theses People Prey on Stupid People like me that are single mother and just trying to look for a job online. Don't give them your money just got Scammed $998. They send you Money Orders. Don't do it People. They are Fraud Scum

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    Re: Secret shopping email scammer

    I received just the same email and I got really worried after reading this. www.concretecontractorsphoenix.com
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