I keep getting calls from Indian/Chinese voices telling me that due to the fact that I haven't claimed bankruptcy, or any felony, that I'm qualified for a free, NO PAY BACK govt grant of $9,000 from the Fed Reserve. To date I've probably rec'd no less than 6-7 over the past few months. However, today, as I'm sitting here trying to figure out ways that I could get into a truly LEGIT online business, but don't have cash sitting around, who but these guys call, as if an angel told them to. SERIOUSLY. Anyhoo, so they give you an alphanumeric 5-character number, and a phone # to call as soon as you hang up with them. Then, when you call the number, they ask about your age, address, etc., which all the answers require a "Yes", or a correction. So, thinking this was an actual miracle answer to my prayer, I finally call the number they gave me, which I had usually just hung up on them before. Then, it hit me about the recent scam where the scammers record you saying "Yes", then they use that to get into your really private info. When that occurred to me, I stopped in mid-sentence and came right out and asked them, like they're really going to tell me if they're scamming me. Then, I just hung up.

So, I'm just trying to vrfy if this really is a scam, or did I just turn down $9000 for free?